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Wet-N-Wavy Hair Polishing Activator Gel 10.5oz

Wet-N-Wavy Hair Polishing Activator Gel 10.5oz

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Item # #1262326176-4176
Brand Wet-N-Wavy
Wet-N-Wavy ( view more)
Capacity 10.5OZ/298g
Package Type Jar
Price $7.14 $4.50

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Product description

Wet-N-Wavy Hair Polishing Activator Gel for synthetic & natural hair weaves, shines, conditions, defines, moisturizes, goes to work instantly, stimulating your hair into lustrous soft curls that lock into place without leaving it chalky and sticky. Imparting a healthy sheen, it accents the natural waves you were born with while defining your wig or weaves trendy waves and curls.

Directions: Apply a generous amount of Hair Polishing Activator Gel from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Massage in thoroughly. Scrunch and or comb into desired style.

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