Wet-N-Wavy Vitamin E Leave-In Conditioner Tangle Free 16oz

Wet-N-Wavy Vitamin E Leave-In Conditioner Tangle Free 16oz

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Wet-N-Wavy Tangle Free has been designed for revitalizing and defining synthetic and human hair wave patterns. Through a special blend of emollients and codnitioners along with Vitamins A & E, it improves the overall health of the hair, adding body, sheen, elasticity and silky softness. After use, hair is shiny, detangled and dry split ends become more manageable. - Detangles matted hair for easy wet or dry combing

  • Adds silky lustrous shine to weave and braids without buildup
  • Defines wave patterns on natural hair and weaves
  • Eliminates dry split ends.
  • As a result of braiding, soothes tight scalps
  • Decreases inner-fiver friction

directions: Holding the container 6 to 8 inches from the hair, mist lightly and evenly. Massage thoroughly. Comb or brush and style as desired.

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