ORS Scalp Scrub 6 oz

ORS Scalp Scrub 6 oz

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Capacity:   6OZ/170g
Package Type:   Jar
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ORS Scalp Scrub stimulating formula for hair & scalp. Prepare: Combine equal parts of Scalp Scrub and baking soda( 2 tablespoon each for most). Mix thoroughly until you see a light yellow foam. Use the mixture within 10 minutes of mixing for maximum results. Apply: Section hair,

DO NOT BRUSH VIGOROUSLY. Massage lightly with fingers in a small circular motion.

Cover: Apply plastic cap. Leave covered for 15-20 minutes.

DO NOT USE HEAT. Rinse: Rinse very thoroughly. Follow by shampooing with ORS Uplifting Shampoo, condition with ORS Mayonnaise and style hair as usual. Use with the ORS Hair revitalization System.

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