ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm 2oz

ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm 2oz

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ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm is an intensive herbal scalp formula that revitalizes and encourages healthy hair and scalp. Poor circulation, adverse scalp conditions, illness, hormonal imbalances, clogged hair follicles, and many other factors can inhibit the hair's ability to thrive.

Fertilizing temple balm delivers essential oils and vitamins to enhance the scalp condition for healthier looking hair.

Phytic Acid Complex helps to exfoliate clogged pores leaving the scalp clean and supple. Essential vitamins and minerals of B, E, and Zinc helps protect and strengthen newly emerging hair. Patch test: Conduct a patch test for allergic reaction before use.

Apply a dime size amount of Fertilizing Temple Balm to inner bend of the elbow and wait for 24 hours. If itching, bumps or redness develop,

DO NOT USE. If there is no reaction, you may proceed with application.

Directions: Apply a dime size amount of Fertilizing Temple Balm in the morning and at night to affected area.

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