Ebin New York Lace Bond Spray Extreme Firm Hold 14.2oz - Sensitive

Ebin New York Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray Extreme Firm Hold 14.2oz - Sensitive

Vendor: Ebin New York
SKU: 24519
Capacity:   14.02FL OZ/400ml
Package Type:   Bottle
Save $7.68
Subtotal: $10.49
EBIN's Wonder Lace bond Adhesive Spray Sensitive is formulated for anyone with sensitive skin. Our carefully created formula i intended to give a secure hold without irritation, Gentle enough for everyday wear. Weight stated on the spray bottle is the total weight which includes the gas, product and the bottle. Net WT. is 65 % of the total weight which is the weight of the product inside the bottle, because the maximum amount of VOC (Volatile Organic compound) to safely fill up the bottle is 65% of the total weight. To clarify, the cans are not filled to maximum capacity for your safety and the safety of others. [SENSITIVE] Specially formulated for those with sensitive scalp. No more worries about irritation under the scalp and hairline. You can put on your favorite wig with no damage.

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