Annie #2862 Luminous 9 Row Styling Brush Assorted Colors

Vendor: Annie
SKU: 25070
Capacity:   ETC
Package Type:   Etc
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Annie #2862 Luminous 9 Row Styling Brush Assorted Colors. Prepare to sparkle with Luminous Brushes from Annie! These glittery sparkle brushes and combs will kick your styling abilities up a notch while showing off your sparkling personality! Get perfect hair with a little flair and stand out! This 9 row detangling brush is perfect for quickly straightening out your hair in the morning or taking the time to define Lucious curls! Detangling, blow drying, styling & smoothing the hair Define curls when hair is wet For all purpose styling on all hair lengths and textures 6 different attractive glitter finish (Black / Gold / Pink / Purple / Red / Mixed) ASSORTED: Colors received will vary

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