Africa's BEST Ultimate Herbal Oil 8oz

Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil 8oz

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Capacity:   8FL OZ/237ml
Package Type:   Bottle
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Africa's BEST Ultimate Herbal Oil A Blend of Penetrating Natural Oils revitalizes Dry, Thirsty Hair & Skin. Direction: For Hair & Scalp: Wash and towel dry hair. Submerse bottle in warm water for 5 minutes. Test on skin to ensure that it is not too hot. Apply to hair and scalp, then cover hair with a plastic cap for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and style.

For Hair Oil: Squeeze small amount in palm. Massage into hair to lubricate dry hair. For Bath & Body: Add generous amount to warm bath as a body moisturizer.

For Extra Dry Skin: Apply and rub into skin, cuticles & feet. For Body Massage: To stimulate and relax your entire body, massage in the power & mystical properties of Ginseng.

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