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Wave Nouveau Shape Release Conditioning Cold Wave (Normal/Medium hair) 14.1oz

Wave Nouveau Shape Release Conditioning Cold Wave (Normal/Medium hair) 14.1oz

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Item # #1262326531-4531
Brand Wave Nouveau
Wave Nouveau ( view more)
Capacity 14.1OZ/400g
Package Type Jar
Price $17.50 $10.15

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Product description

Wave Nouveau Shape Release Conditioning Cold Wave (Normal/Medium hair) Perform a preliminary strand test. If hair breaks or discolors, do not straighten!. Shampoo hair if necessary with a gentle cleansing shampoo.

Rinse and towel dry to remove excess moisture.Apply Wave Nouveau Coiffure Phase 1 shape release to entire hair shaft 1/4 inch from scalp within 5 - 10 minutes. Apply Only to New Growth if giving a retouch. Immediately after completing application, check for desired amount of straightness.

Wave Nouveau coiffure Fine/Color-Treated strength shape release is designed for Normal/Medium hair only. Do not leave on the hair longer than 15 minutes. Be sure to continue to check for straightness every 2-3 minutes after application has been completed.

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