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Human Hair Wig

Sensationnel 100% Human Hair Bump Wig - FEATHER CHARM

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Item # #1262324621-2621
Brand Bump Wig
Sensationnel Bump Collection
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Price $39.89 $23.93

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Pre-blended colors for a unique style! SHOWN COLOR : CARAMEL Beauty salon style, for the most popular “bumped” looks. Although your new Bump Collection Wig looks great right out the package, it’s Premium Quality 100% Human Hair can be restyled with a curling iron or flat iron, any way you want. It’s creative salon “bump” style, right out of the package! Sensationnel’s Premium Now Bump Collection Wig is the custom style you get from Bump, in an easy to wear full cap wig. We’ve mixed and matched it for you with professional pre-blended colors to inspire the Sensationnel in you! FEATURES - PRE BUMPED 100% HUMAN HAIR - PRE-BLENDED COLORS FOR A UNIQUE STYLE! - PRE-STYLED, SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY! - WE MIXED AND MATCHED IT FOR YOU!
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