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Red Fox Tub O'Butter Olive Oil Butter Moisturizing Creme 11.5oz

Red Fox Tub O'Butter Olive Oil Butter Moisturizing Creme 11.5oz

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Item # #1262326119-4119
Brand Red Fox
Red Fox ( view more)
Capacity 11.5OZ/326g
Package Type Jar
Price $8.31 $4.99

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Product description

Red Fox Tub O'Butter Olive Oil Butter Moisturizing Creme contains pure extra virgin olive oil, moisturizes deeply, softens deeply with natural pure lanolin oil, moisturizers and emollients that are super rich. Perfect complexion lotion helps relieve lightness and dryness by moisturizing. Makes skin look and feel lovelier. Helps protect against wrinkling and lines. For sports, winter and summer helps relieve chapping, soreness and roughness caused by windburn and sunburn. Great to use after outdoor activities like skiing or swimming to keep from looking "weathered". For pregnancy, during and after helps to keep skin supple when massaged into abdomen, breasts, hips and thighs stretched and lightened in pregnancy. For dry skin ash use generously to prevent unsightly powdery ash and flaking.

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