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Organic Root Stimulator Uplifting Shampoo 9 oz

Organic Root Stimulator Uplifting Shampoo 9 oz

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Item # #1262325596-3596
Brand Organic Root Stimulator
Organic Root Stimulator ( view more)
Capacity 8.5FL OZ/251ml
Package Type Bottle
Price $10.15 $5.90

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Product description

Organic Root Stimulator Uplifting Shampoo 9 oz gently lifts flakes & excess oils, naturally conditions & detangles hair, stimulates & irrigates calp. Is enriched with menthol, nette and horsetail. It exfoliates the scalp helping to relieve the itchy feeling associated with dry scalp. Uplifting Shampoo is ideal for all hair textures, and adds moisture while helping to condition and detangle the hair.

Directions: Conduct a patch test for allergic reaction before use. Apply as directed to the nape of the neck, wait for 24 hours. If itching, bumps, or redness develop, Do not use. Apply a generous amount of Uplifting Shampoo to damp hair and work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and condition with Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise.

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