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Natty Meg'a-Xp Hair Bond Remover 2oz

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Item # #1262331917-9917
Brand Natty
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Capacity 2FL OZ/56ml
Package Type Bottle
Price $1.51 $1.16

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Natty Meg'a-Xp Hair Bond Remover Hair Bonding Glue Remover. Directions:
  1. Lift up the commercial wefted hair and apply hair bond remover on the bond with Q-tip. Work bond remover into the bond with small brush(Tooth Brush), and Let sit for 1 or 2 minutes. In doing so the bond will loosen. continue to apply a small amount of remover until commercial wefted hair separates itself from the scalp.(Do not pull off bonded hair from the scalp or weft. it will damage hair and scalp)
  2. Remove the commercial wefted hair with tail comb, gently slide clients hair from weft(do not pull off bond or bonded hair from weft or scalp). Gently slide off otherwise it will damage hair & scalp.
  3. with fine tooth comb, slide balance of bond off from the hair & scalp and shampoo the hair.

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