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Luster's Pink Plus 2-N-1 Scalp Soother & Oil Sheen 11.5oz

Luster's Pink Plus 2-N-1 Scalp Soother & Oil Sheen 11.5oz

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Item # #1262324039-2039
Brand Luster's Pink
Luster's ( view more)
Capacity 14OZ/397g
Package Type Bottle
Price $9.14 $5.48

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Product description

Lusters Pink Plus 2-N-1 Scalp Soother & Oil Sheen provides conditioning for both hair and scalp. Special spray nozzle disperses conditioning and softness directly to scalp reaching those hard to reach scalp areas without disturbing your look. Vitamins A & E absorb into the hair and scalp to insure an optimum moisture level that increases flexibility and elasticity. Lusters Pink 2-N-1 Scalp Soother and Oil Sheen adds shine to enhance your everyday style. Product is formulated with Shea Butter to add gloss and sheen, leaving hair soft, shiny and never oily.

Directions for scalp soother: Attach nozzle to sprayer and place nozzle directly onto scalp and spray releasing soothing oils and vitamins (A & E) onto dry itchy scalp. Directions for oil sheen: After styling hold 10-12 inches from hair and spray with a sweemotion evenly over entire head.

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