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Liquid Gold Bond-A-Weav Extra Super Adhesive-Bottle 0.5oz

Catalog choice option 1 Count, Additional options 0 Count

Item # #1262338293-16293
Brand Liquid Gold
Liquid Gold
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Capacity 0.5FL OZ/14.97ml
Package Type Bottle
Price $7.47 $4.48

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Liquid Gold Bond-A-Weav Extra Super Adhesive-Bottle 0.5oz Directions: For best results, please follow directions precisely.
  1. Step 1: shampoo with cleansing shampoo(repeat), (do not apply conditionersuch as creme rinse or balsams). Towel blot, then blow dry while combing. Hair must be oil free and dry.
  2. Step 2: Part hair where weft is to be placed.
  3. Step 3: Apply bonder to weft( or track) of weave hair with thin even applications.Do the same to parted hair close to scalp( not on scalp). If bond dries before going to the next step it will still bond.
  4. Step 4: Press weaving hair onto parted hair with fingers, then seal with warm curling iron.
  5. Step 5:Distribute Liquid Gold 5 in 1 Leave in Conditioner to all hair to enhance the appearance to both natural and added hair. Due to the fact that Liquid Gold Extra Super Adhesive is not s latex base bonder(as are most) it can only be safely removed using Liquid Gold Quick and Easy Dissolver.
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