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Janet Collection Human Hair Blend Brazilian Scent Wig - BUBBLE (pre-tweezed part)

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Item # #1262337297-15297
Brand Janet Collection Brazilian Scent Lace Wig
Janet Collection Brazilian Scent ( view more)
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Product description

Janet Collection Brazilian Scent 100% Human Hair-Premium Blend Protein Infused for soft remy touch, tangle free and shed free Swiss Lace Pre-TWEEZED PART Wig - BUBBLE

[The color shown in the picture : OET4/613]

1. Shampoo and massage the roots in slow circular motions.
2. Rinse and squeeze out excess water and apply the conditioner for about 5 minutes.
3. Use a wide-tooth comb or fingers in one direction from the root to the end.
4. Apply treatment cream avoid scrubbing, rubbing or bunching the hair.
5. Apply cream based conditioner and leave it for 2~3minutes.
6. Then rinse it thoroughly.

1. Air-dry the hair whenever possible otherwise use a diffuser. Avoid pulling the hair while wet.
2. To maintain bouncy and wet look, apply a small amount of water-based get, moose or oil-free hair shine. Oil sheen or similar oil-based products re not recommended.
3. At night dry the hair completely before going to bed. To prevent tangling use sleeping cap.
4. Flat or curling irons can be used with temperature under 365F (185C).

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