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Mane Concept Melanin Queen Human Hair Blend Lace Wig - MLE02 YAKY SLEEK 26 (ear to ear wide lace part)

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Item # #1262336953-14953
Brand Melanin Queen Frrontal Lace
Melanin Queen ( view more)
Price $60.66 $37.83

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Product description

Mane Concept Melanin Queen Human Hair Blend Brazilian Ear To Ear Lace Wig - MLE02 YAKY SLEEK 26

The color shown in the picture above is SR1B/27.

Washing instructions
1. Fill a basin with warm water and dispense the whole wig into the water. Apply a small amount of shampoo and pat it through the hair gently. Take the wig out and rinse it thoroughly. Empty the basin.
2. Refill the basin with warm water and dispense whole wig into water. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to the wig. Work conditioner through the hair softly and allow to soak for two minutes.
3. Rinse thoroughly and remove wig from basin.
4. Gently pat wig dry with a towel and remove and tangles with a wide tooth comb.
5. Always start combing from ends to roots.
6. Hair may be styled on a very low heat setting with a hair dryer.

How To Apply Lace Front Wigs
Step 1.
Prepare your hair by laying it down as flat as possible. Apply a wig cap.
Step 2.
Secure lace front wig along hairline. Trim lace around the front of your hairline.
Step 3.
(For tape) Apply two sided tape to front of hairline and temples.
(For glue) Apply glue to front perimeter of hairline and perimeter of wig. Wait for glue to get tacky.
Step 4.
Press down the lace part onto the tape or glue area from one side to the other. Apply makeup to the lace by blending it and create a flawless look.

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