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Hair Care

Hawaiian Silky Curl Booster For Curls & Waves 16oz

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Item # #1262334157-12157
Brand Hawaiian Silky
Hawaiian Silky
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Capacity 16FL OZ/474ml
Package Type Bottle
Price $15.46 $9.28

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Hawaiian Silky Curl Booster For Curls & Waves 16oz
  • Hawaiian Silky Curl Booster For Curls & Waves Softens the hair allowing it to take the shape of the rods.
  • When used after Hawaiian Silky Reconstuctor, selecting the proper size rod will allow you to achieve the desired curl pattern.
  1. After straightening the hair with Hawaiian Silky Reconstructor, apply Hawaiian Silky Booster to entire head.
  2. Choose the desired rod size and wrap hair using thin partings. Reapply as needed and test for "S" pattern when wrapping is complete.
  3. Apply a plastic cap and allow no more than 10 minutes to process.
  4. When desired curl pattern is achieved, rinse thoroughly for at least 5 minutes and towel blot each rod to remove excess moisture.
  5. Completely saturate each rod with Hawaiian Silky Neutralizing solution and process for 15 minutes.
  6. Remove rods and rinse hair with tepid water.
  7. Apply Hawaiian Silky Moisturizer and style using Hawaiian Silky Gel Activator.

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