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Goody #11374 Ouchless Soft & Seamless Assorted Colors Medium Hair Elastics 8 pcs

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Item # #1262342724-20724
Brand Goody
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Price $7.47 $4.48

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Goody #11374 Ouchless Soft & Seamless Assorted Colors Medium Hair Elastics 8 pcs Keep your hair in place while you move and groove with Goody Ouchless Athletique Sweat and Stretch Elastics! These cloth hair ties are made without metal clasps, so you can create fun hairstyles tangle and pain-free. Goody elastic hair bands are safe to use on all hair types and textures, and assorted colors pack work great on all hair shades. Our 8 pack of goody Hair Ties is especially perfect for keeping some back ups with you on-the-go for those emergency ponytail situations! Goody Ouchless Elastics work for most hair types and styles. In addition, these hair elastics help to eliminate snags and damage while still offering a secure hold. Create a hairstyle you love with these damage-free elastic hair ties. Look good, feel Goody!
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