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Goody #04115 Amp It Up Lift and Tease Comb & Brush 2 pcs Set

Goody #04115 Amp It Up Lift and Tease Comb & Brush 2 pcs Set

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Item # #1262342673-20673
Brand Goody
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Package Type Etc
Price $9.97 $5.98

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Goody #04115 Amp It Up Lift and Tease Comb & Brush 2 pcs Set

Give it a lift with the Goody Teasing Comb and Boar Bristle Brush Set! Specially designed to create maximum volume without damaging hair, Goody Teasing Combs have multi-layered teeth to grab hair efficiently without causing breakage. This hair brush and comb set also includes a volumizing boar bristle brush to smooth things out after bringing the volume.

How to Tease Hair:
Always set aside a small portion of hair for covering your finished area. Begin backcombing by gently aiming your strokes towards your scalp. Your grip and tension will determine the amount of volume you create. Once finished, use your boar bristle brush to lightly smooth the section you have set aside over the top. Look good, feel Goody!

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