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Hair Care

Fantasia IC P.M Night Time Oil Treatment 8oz

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Item # #1262323380-1380
Brand Fantasia IC
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Capacity 8OZ/237ml
Package Type Bottle
Price $18.81 $11.29

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Fantasia IC P.M Night Time Oil Treatment enriched with vitamins A,D,E and aloe. It's better than a hot oil treatment! Specially formulated for dry, frizzy, damaged hair caused by chemical applications and heat abuse. When used with a satin sleep cap, this miracle oil treatment is activated over night from the heat of your scalp, opening the hair cuticle as the smooth, conditioned and healthy, with vibrant shine. Use during the day to refreshen your hairstyle. Directions: spray night time oil treatment evenly on hair and scalp. For chemically treated or dry damaged hair, use a few more sprays. Gently place sleeping cap over head. Treatment begins to work instantly while you sleep. The next morning hair will be soft, silky, shiny and conditioned. For extra shine reapply P.M.oil treatment during the day.
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