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DPL Hair Root Conditioner 8oz

DPL Hair Root Conditioner 8oz

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Item # #1262326432-4432
Brand DPL
DPL ( view more)
Capacity 8FL OZ / 237ml
Package Type Bottle
Price $12.81 $7.43

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Product description

The creator of Back alive and DPL lines has done it again. After years of reseach and testing Dr. Wilborn has developed a formula for Relaxed, Pressed and hard to comb hair. Ideal as a detangler for children. This product was designed to protect your hair from chemicals, heat and persperation.


After Relaxer - Use immediately ofter rinsing out relaxer. Apply to scalp and new growth, comb through to ends. Leave in 10-20 minutes, then shampoo and proceed as usual.

Wash and Set - Use immediately after shampoo. Leave in 10-20 minutes, rinse and style.

Pressed Hair - Use immediately after rinsing and shampoo. Blow dry and set with curling iron. Hair can be pressed after drying if desired.

Daily Maintenance. To protect against reversion from sweating apply to new growth daily or as needed.

For best results apply immediately after shampooing, and daily or as needed to maintain desired moisture balance. Use may vary depending on climate.

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