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Hair Care

Bonplex-i Isophoronediamine Dimaleate Damaged Hair Treatment 0.03oz

Catalog choice option 1 Count, Additional options 0 Count

Item # #1262346629-24629
Brand Bonplex
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Capacity 0.03OZ/2ml
Package Type Etc
Price $8.31 $4.99

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Bonplex-i Isophoronediamine Dimaleate Damaged Hair Treatment 0.03oz With BONPLEX-i, you can fix the damage that coloring and bleaching have done to your hair. Isophorone Diamine Sesquimaleate is a special ingredient that easily polymerizes and coats. It can repair damaged hair and leave it shiny and healthy. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: After shampooing, mix 10 mL of water with 1 ampoule and apply to wet hair for 5-10 minutes, then thoroughly rinse with water. It may require 2 ampoules for longer hair or more damaged hair. We recommend that you use BONPLEX-i TREATMENT once a week. For dyeing: in a 1:1 ratio, mix agent 1 and agent 2 (BONPLEX DEVELOPER). Add one or two BONPLEX-i ampoules to the mixture. For bleaching: in a 1:2 ratio, mix bleaching powder and BONPLEX DEVELOPER. Add one or two BONPLEX-i ampoules to the mixture. For perming: Mix one ampoule of BONPLEX-i with the oxidizing agent only. WARNING: Avoid contact with the eyes. Rinse your eyes immediately if a product comes into contact with them. This product may cause allergic reactions.
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