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BMB Super Lace Glue White for Lace Wigs 1oz

BMB Super Lace Glue White for Lace Wigs 1oz

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Item # #1262339106-17106
Brand BMB
BMB ( view more)
Capacity 1FL OZ/30ml
Package Type Etc
Price $6.31 $3.79

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Product description

BMB Super Lace Glue White for Lace Wigs invisible, waterproof and oil-resistant. Water-based, latex free. Designed for high temperatures, humidity, heavy perspiration and oily scalps to provide strong bond under any circumstances. It is waterproof and oil-resistant to help ensure your hair looks and feels as natural as possible. This product is suitable for those who have sensitive skin as the formula contains no harsh chemicals, no latex and no toxic ingredients.

Directions: Poly: Apply one thin coat to the hair system base and two to four coats to the head. Apply each coat as soon as previous coat dries clear. After the last coat, wait 5 minutes and press hair system into place. Wait 15 minutes before you begin to style your hair.
Lace: Follow same steps for poly but do not apply to lace base. Apply to scalp only.

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