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Hair Care
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Baby Don't Be Bald 100% Argan Oil Super Gro 8oz

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Item # #1262338190-16190
Brand Don't B Bald
Don't B Bald
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Capacity 8OZ
Package Type Jar
Price $16.64 $9.98

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Baby Don't Be Bald 100% Argan Oil Super Gro 8oz Baby Don't Be Bald 100% Argan Oil Super Gro nourishes and replenishes. Argan Oil Super Gro restores hair to a natural, lustrous sheen without a greasy look or feel. It restores the natural oil and moisture balance, while conditioning and adding vitamins to over-processed, dry, dull hair and makes hair easy to comb and more manageable. Argan Oil hydrates and restores luster and shine to hair. Argan Oil nourishes, strengthens, repairs and promotes healthy hair growth. Directions:
  1. Part hair in sections over entire head.
  2. Apply Argan Oil Super Gro to each section sparingly and rub briskly into scalp.
  3. For best results massage thoroughly with fingertips for 1 minute daily.
  4. Brush frequently.
  5. Style as desired.
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