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Razac Razac Hand & Body Lotion 16oz

Razac Hand & Body Lotion 16oz

  BRAND : Razac
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  Model No. :
  UPC. : 046915412347
  Weight : 16OZ/474ml
  Our Price : $7.13  $4.99
  Package Type : Bottle            send mail
  Qty. : EA.     out of stock

 Features & Specifications

Razac Hand & Body Lotion acts as a moisturizer and protectant against weather sensitive skin. Its rich non-greasy formula soothes and softens skin instantly. Apply Razac's Hand & Body Lotion to dry skin and massage in thoroughly.

Directions: Apply whenever dryness is a problem.

 Customer Reviews         Write Review
 21 Reviews.    Rating: 3.0
important message concerning Razac hand and body l  Review By c   07/01/2015 11:57
The smell and original formula of the Razac hand and body lotion has never changed. Over the years because of the popularity of the product many people have tried to counterfeit the product, particularly companies in China. They have duplicated the bottle but have been unsuccessful in duplicating the feel and fragrance. In doing so they have put out so much bad product that unfortunately has reached many consumers. At Razac, all has been done legally to combat these counterfeit manufacturers. Razac has been successful over the years in stopsome of those companies but they are still a couple out there. Razac has been forced to change and upgrade the look of their package in an effort to separate themselves from the counterfeit product. Take a look at their website to see the bottle change. They will always strive to maintain the integrity of the product. Razac sincerely appreciates the support the consumer has given them over the years and urges them to be aware of inferior and counterfeit or knockoff products. Keep supporting Razac. They will always continue to make great products.
Does it tone?  Review By Toyin   06/06/2015 22:30
I need to know if razac hand and body lotion tones dark skin. I got one as a gift 5 is written under. Pls let me know. Thanks
EXP  Review By rach   06/02/2015 16:41
Where do you write the EXP?
THE SMELL OF RAZAC IS AWFUL NOW  Review By Gaynor   01/23/2015 02:59
I agree with you all I use this hand and body lotions since year 2000 and was smell sooooooooo gooooooood and people asked me at church, store, bank, restaurant etc. etc. what I am using. Hoyyy now it smells awful wowww what happen to the razac that I know 10 years ago.
The smell  Review By Beverley Howard   12/29/2014 04:32
My partner uses Razac,as soon as he has put it on I am coughing so much it makes me heave,I suffer from Asma is this product irritatng to this Thank You
What ingredients have changed in Razac?  Review By Susan Whitehouse   05/20/2014 03:57
I have used the hand and body lotion for 10 years+ bought a new batch 6 months ago and came out in a itchy bumpy rash over chest and arms! What has changed? I have read the other reviews concerning the fragrance and can only think this must be the problem. I can no longer use this product and am so disappointed as it was my signature scent.please revert to the original ingredients!!!!
Razac now smells different  Review By Janet Jordan   05/16/2014 15:27
I am so sorry that the manufactures of Razac thought that changing the fragrence of the hand and body lotion was a good marketing strategy. In short it smells like nothing I can describ. I have been using this product since the 90& 039 s with many compliaments. for the pass two months, I have been trying to fiigure out what the problem is. After reading what others have to say that it sounds like Razac is now about the money and not about the Customer. Guess I will have to find another product.
Razac lotion and it smell  Review By clara   03/09/2014 21:48
I to agree with the other lady on the smell of the razac lotion I have no Idea what has happen to the product but it is not the same the one i bought mid last year to the end of the year actually broke me out when i used it i have been using razac lotion since 1998 but i have stop buying since i had to go to the doctor for cream to clear the rash on my body i am looking for another product because it either has no smell or yes it smells like bug spray or something it is a horrible product now i wish the company good luck for keeping their customers because the product is really bad now.
ordering razac hand and body lotion  Review By maria n nghipona   02/24/2014 05:45
I need razac hand and body rotion box
What Happened to Razac& 039 s Fragrance ?  Review By gina   01/14/2014 00:35
I first was introduced to Razac Lotion in the 90& 039 s. My mother had it on her dresser and I used some & Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the smell was unbelievable ! I got so many compliments about my body lotion from friends to cashiers at the supermarket. " What are you wearing " ? " Where can I buy it ? " I love, love, love Razac until a few months back when I bought a bottle of the small purse size & large size only to be shocked !!!! the Fragrance is different !!!! What the heck happened to the smell ????? I& 039 m very upset now because I told so many people about the product. I know and understand that sometimes businesses try to cut cost & water down products but when you have a " hit" don& 039 t touch it, leave it alone. Now I will have to search out another body lotion & pray that I find one that smells as great as Razac use to :-(
razac  Review By LISA   12/11/2013 13:00
I too called customer service, they don& 039 t wont to admit the smell has changed. I will try the smaller bottle, and will look at the number on the back. Sometimes its smells like bug spray. Apparently their not losing any money over the change. Remember when Coke changed they lost money, they changed it Right Back.
Renee Jones  Review By Renee   04/14/2013 23:56
I love Razac. I have used it since 1999 and sold them. I'm a hairstylist and from yrs experience you have to store Lotions in proper temperature or it will loose its original scent.
Lotion  Review By Augustina Eshun   02/27/2013 07:50
Why is the ingredient in bigger size is different from the smaller one.
lotion smell  Review By keisha   11/30/2012 17:34
good day, I do agree with you guys that the lotions have different scents, my grandmother told me to buy the razac lotion but it must be #3, I ask her where the # was, and indeed its underneath the bottle. they have numbers varying from 1-5,
The scents are different by SIZE too me.  Review By Tonyzia   11/17/2012 18:01
I have to agree with you ladies about the sent change, however I have noticed the scent is completely different in the 2oz, jar than the 16oz. The scent is lighter & better in the smailler bottle to me. The 16oz smells way strong for some reason I even asked the clerk at the hair store I use. I said why is the scent different in the 160z jar He said he didn't know that alot of women were saying the bigger bottle smells too strong or something I mean I couldn't even wear it. I only buy the small 0.89 cent 2oz bottle now. Maybe its all in my head lol, but I swear the smaller bottle ingredients are different whether they say the same ingredients or not on the bottles. Yes, maybe all of this sounds complicated but I love the 2oz bottle it smells more like the "back in the day" version than the 16oz bottle. Check it out and see.
Razac or Mazzac  Review By steve   05/20/2012 13:03
We have retail outlet in London UK and sell Razac Hand & Body Lotion in our store and is a good seller and a good feed back from our customers. We also stock MAZZAC Hand & Body Lotion, this comes 2 varients i.e Hand & Body lotion and Coco Butter Lotion. Our customers loves Mazzac and come back and choose Mazzac as oppose to any other lotion. You can contact +44 020 84592046. Manufacturers are looking for Distributors worldwide. We would suggest to contact them if you want to stock .
What happened to Razac?  Review By ismail   04/04/2012 11:35
I grew up on Razac. That was the first lotion my mom used when we made the exodus from Israel. She has so many fond memories of it and the scent brings back childhood memories. Now, it smells horrible. I agree with the other people that left messages, it has changed dramatically and not for the better.
RAZAC LOTION!  Review By Cynthia   02/28/2012 11:18
I also am a long time customer of RAZAC i absolutly love this lotion however i have run into the same problem Denise mentioned the smell or fragrance has absolutly changed, I was crushed!!!!! I went to 4 different stores hoping that I was tripping or had just gotten a bad batch anything except the fragrance had changed but it has , nowhere near the same that it used to be, I called customer service and spoke with the owner that assured me the fragrance was the same and that nothing had changed now i am truly stumped and mourning the lost of a cherished product.
Dissappointed  Review By Denise   02/03/2012 13:27
I have been using Razac lotion for a year when my daughter who is stationed in California told me about it i loved it the smell the creamy texture and it was very good for my dry skin i had findly found a lotion i could use and the great plus was it smelled sooooo good i would have it on and start to sweat and the lotion smell alluminated even more... i had bought all the bottles from the chinese store in my niebhor hood then when i ran out of what i had 4 months ago i went to the store to purchase more and OMG the smell of the lotion had changed i called your customer service and she assured me the smell had not changed but it has i'm so sad and dissappointed i went to the store yesterday and went thru the bottles and that same smell is still there i told them i will not by them since they order it for me please what happen.......
Julie's Nail's  Review By Julieta Buitrago   01/16/2012 10:00
Julieta Buitrago is very good for dry skin and sensitive.
mazurier valerie  Review By claire   01/04/2012 13:01
mazurier valerie 3rue du rond point 93160 noisy le grand

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