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Otentika Premium Otentika Premium Maxitone Complexion Milk 10.6oz

Otentika Premium Maxitone Complexion Milk 10.6oz

  BRAND : Otentika Premium
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  Model No. : 02-0912
  UPC. : 054196111026
  Weight : 10.6FL OZ/300ml
  Our Price : $28.57  $17.99
  Package Type : Box            send mail
  Qty. : EA.     out of stock

 Features & Specifications
Otentika Premium Maxitone Complexion Milk Lima Complex, Exclusive Formula, Hydroquinone Free, gives a more even look and radiance to the complexion. It moisturizes, conditions to beautify dull skin. It tones and helps to get rid of black heads, ashy look and other minor surface skin imperfections. It protects from re-darkering.

Directions: Rub in the milk and massage gently until absorbed. Apply twice daily for more noticeable effect. Use regulary. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation develops, discontinue use. Do not use on children under age of 12.

 Customer Reviews         Write Review
 21 Reviews.    Rating: 2.7
usage  Review By esther   11/16/2015 18:35
Please i started using this product not long ago but i m chocolate in complexion and i dont weant to be fair. And also ive realized that ive started gettin small rushes on my face
usage  Review By esther   11/16/2015 18:33
Please i started using this product not long ago but i m chocolate in complexion and i dont weant to be fair. And also ive realized that ive started gettin small rushes on my face
Review  Review By Tina   06/03/2015 11:42
pls is OTENTIKA distr. in Ghana by ESCAPE Cosmetics INC.
which of them should i go for  Review By nkiru   05/26/2015 10:27
pls i ve chocolate colour which of your products should i use pls reply via my E-mail address
advice  Review By gift   01/13/2015 11:28
Pls is it adviceable to be using otentika cream,soap&oil?
please I need ur reply ASAP  Review By miriam   09/01/2014 10:59
Pls I want to start usin O'tentika product bt I dunno which one to actually use,I have a dry skin,so which cream should I use on my face n which should I use on my body?or can I use d same cream for my face and body?if yes which of ur cream is ok for me if No which should I use for my face and which for my body......Am fair in complexion...please send me d reply via my Email Adress....Thanks
Ineffectiveness of the product  Review By Kess   07/05/2014 19:17
Have used the product for some few months and i have realised that,it has made my face glow n my skin is dull,pls what could be the problem?Or is it that is may not be the original,if so how can i distinguish between the original product and the fake one?
How do i distinguish between original and fake ote  Review By Maame   07/05/2014 18:42
I want to know the original otentika premium when i get to the market.I would not love to purchase fake products into my house .
Not seeing the effectiveness of the product very w  Review By Maame   07/05/2014 18:32
Please i have used otentika premium for a month and some few days now and when i started using it,i enjoyed the product,it has made my face glow n my skin has not glow as i expected,my skin is dull.Please what do i do?Help me please.
i want to know which is fakend real  Review By daizy   03/25/2014 08:19
How do i know what am buyin is fake or othentic??? Pls i reali want to kno
Fake Otentika in the market  Review By Lucy   03/24/2014 03:50
Hi Please be very wary of the fake Otentika products. They are loads of fakes in the market n I am stuck with two bottles. Some are being made from Nigeria they burn your skin n make u glow dark! The original Otentika company should investigate this otherwise do not buy this product period.
im scared  Review By queen bee   01/15/2014 07:21
Helo I was recommended to use this otentika maxitone milk but with the comments I& 039 m reading here I& 039 m scared to apply it on ma skin....does anyone has any good news on this cream
Otentika products  Review By Angela   01/06/2014 17:52
This product worked very well for the first few months. I received a lot of compliments on my skin. Now the product no longer works on my skin. As soon as I put it on my face, my complexion goes dark and horrible. I am so disappointed as I have a full bottle of lotion, serum and cream. I am now desperately trying to find a product that will make my face look better.
good  Review By Rafiat   12/18/2013 17:16
Am a little lite in complextoin wch of d otentika cream nd soap shuld I use among d pink nd brown
help  Review By phyllis   11/01/2013 20:33
i have been using this product for a month and it is making me dark
O'tentika maxitone  Review By pam   06/20/2013 08:32
This lotion was OK for me when i started using it, i was glowing,lighter and blemish free but after 6months of usage i started getting darker,breaking out and my skin looks very dull than when i started. Up till now I haven't gotten any cream to really repair what this cream caused me,,so sad now...Maybe i should return to it,,maybe after this break it may restore my complexion. So confused
ATTENTION GIRLS & GUYS!  Review By Caroline Landu   04/18/2013 14:12
the official distributor for O'tentika in the US is .... this is probably why you have all had these issues. give it a try
bad  Review By glory thomas   11/26/2012 15:39
i dont really understand this product,when i bought this lotion the first time,its was light in texture,and this second time,its thick in texture thats going on?. and secondly,the third week of using this product,its change my complexion, i became darker and dry.
fake  Review By chelsey   10/30/2012 13:05
This is not the original!
Bad Product  Review By Poor Product   05/29/2012 12:38
I started to use this product after my friend suggested it to me, at first it gives a really nice tone but within a few weeks I developed black marks and now my skin looks drained and dull. I really would not recommend this product as you will be much darker after you stop using it!!! Bad!
help  Review By ikewages   04/18/2012 12:09
will u be dark if u use it

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