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Hairlox Hairlox Afta-Perm Intensive Revitalizer 16oz

Hairlox Afta-Perm Intensive Revitalizer 16oz

  BRAND : Hairlox
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  Model No. :
  UPC. :
  Weight : 16OZ/454g
  Our Price : $11.42  $7.99
  Package Type : Jar            send mail
  Qty. : EA.     out of stock

 Features & Specifications

Hairlox Afta-Perm Intensive Revitalizer with Protein, Placenta & Panthenol It is not necessary to have a perm before you can use Hairlox Afta-Perm, it is a multi-purpose product used by professional hairdressers on all types of hair.
Hairlox Afta-Perm: Is a product of many uses: it may be used as:
1. A leave-in conditioner- it repairs hair damaged by excessive chemical straightening, coloring or hash weather. It corrects dryness, split ends; restores elasticity and sheen. it may be used after all types of chemical processing- sodium hydroxide or no-lye relaxers or cold wave curly perms.
2. A Crl Moisturizer- Because of its special formula of protein, placenta and panthenol, it provides extra nutrients to the wet hair, leaving it soft, naturally shiny and more manageable all day long.
3. A Hair Line Revitalizer- Helps prevent excessive breakage around the hairline from use of tight roller sets, braids, etc. The hairline is the most fragile section of the hair. The air around the hairline may be revitalized by applying Hairlox Afta-Perm generously to this section each day and massaging it into scalp. The repair effects will become evident in two to four weeks, depending on the condition of the hair.
4. A Blow-Dry or Steam-Curl Cream- Apply as a blow-drying cream or conditioner in the usual manner. When curling hair with thermal heat, apply sparingly to hair as each section is curled. Hair will then be beautfully steam-curled.
5. A Steam-Cap Treatment- Shampoo and towel dry. Apply liberally to scalp and entire hair shaft. place plastic cap on head and set dryer for 20 minutes, or use heat cap. A.if hair is relaxed, rinse from hair and set or blow-dry. after rollers are removed, apply to hairline and scalp. Style as desired. B. if hair is in a curly perm, apply in same manner, but DO NOT rinse out. allow them to dry then use Hairlox Activator/Moisturizer if needed (depending on the hair's texture). For normal hair, Hairlox Afta-Perm will provide th ecorrect moisture balance and no activator is needed.


 Customer Reviews         Write Review
Bring back Hairlox Afta-Perm !!!  Review By Betty   11/05/2014 20:50
Where can I purchase Hairlox Afta-Perm? I cant seem to find it anywhere for sale?!?
stylist  Review By mrs. t   10/07/2014 09:03
Please gives info on some where this purduct can be purchased...Super Great Product!!
please bring back your beautiful beauty products  Review By Devin Colbert   08/26/2014 06:52
hi i'am Devin Colbert i'am born and raised inIndianapolis,IN this producthas been in my family for decades.There's no other products that even compare to the product HAIRLOX AFTA-PERM has put forward.So for the residents of Indianapolis,IN please provide us with your beautiful beauty product,Thanks and much love Devin Colbert
afta- perm revitalizer  Review By elizabeth pierre   07/10/2014 07:17
Please bring afta perm back . There is no other product like it .I use to have much of my clientele use it and they loved it. My family loved this product also . Please get it back for the public and for our families . Thank You
Hairlox Afta-perm  Review By Miranda   06/15/2014 17:22
I miss hairlox aftaperm.My hair was healthy when I used it.Please bring it back.Cannot find Nothing that was that good.
hairlox afta-perm  Review By stephanie   02/23/2014 13:32
where can I find this product?
Please Bring Back Hairlox  Review By Hairlox Afta-Perm Intensive Revitalizer 16oz. $7.99   01/18/2014 23:00
I love this product for many years. I want to know when are you going to get this cream back on the market? Or do you know what company makes this, and if so can you get a hold of them to see if they can bring this wonderful product back. Please let me know. Thank You. Yes it is a 5 stars.
Hairlox Afta-Perm intensive Revitalizer  Review By I.PERKINS   01/12/2014 14:53
Please bring this product back. You will not believe how far I have been to find it. This is by far the very best hair care,I have used on my hair. I simply must have this product.
need this product  Review By sherry wilson   09/19/2013 21:20
Oh please bring this product back....I have seven sisters and we all have daughters and this product was the best for us..
bring hairlox back please!  Review By Sylvia Westbrook   03/26/2013 11:01
You asolutely must bring this product back! My cousin in New York told me about it a few years ago and had been sending it to me in Memphis. Then I started buying it online and all of sudden it was no longer available. I'm a cosmetologist and this product is one of the best I've ever used. Please bring this product back!!!!!
I need this product  Review By FR   01/26/2013 12:06
Where can I find this product
Im in need of some of this product!.....ASAP!  Review By C. Williams   01/19/2013 15:34
Im in need of this product, quickly! When will this product be in stock?.....
Got-hairlox  Review By The Boot   01/04/2013 01:09
My wife has this stuff at home and loves to use it on her hair (natural) just can't believe so many people love it like she does.
Hairlox Afta Perm  Review By Rita Riddick   12/18/2012 20:14
I have used this product for over twenty years. For the last five years I have not been able to purchase the product. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase this product. Even on the internet they are always out of stock. If so please email. I need the manufacturer's name and distributors. I live in North Carolina. Thanks
Afta perm revitalizer  Review By Cynthia Wilkerson   11/17/2012 00:29
When will this product become available,,,,how long will it be out of stock are you D/C product
Hairlox afta-perm is the BEST  Review By Tabitha   10/30/2012 14:19
When are you guys going to have more in stock?
Longtime User  Review By Kastina Owusu-Ansah   10/27/2012 15:34
Hairlox Afta-Perm Intensive Revitalizer is the best! I have used this product for at least 23 years. I have had this product shipped to me by relatives in my travels domestically and internationally in order not to be without it. Because I have always had difficulty finding other suppliers of this product, I remained a faithful customer of the only local beauty supply store within at least 50-80 miles that carried this product. I have used this product with every phase of my hair: curly perm, relaxed, natural, twisted and braided hair. I was at a loss when I found out that I was purchasing the last of this product in stock. If Hairlox Afta-Perm Intensive Revitalizer is revived, please include this longtime user with a head full of healthy hair in your ad campaign. I am looking forward to Hairlox Afta-Perm Intensive Revitalizer becoming available again!
Clarification  Review By Donna Thornton   10/10/2012 11:47
What is the different between Hairlox XLD Conditioner and the Hairlox Afta-Perm Intensive Revitalizer?
AMAZING  Review By Queen Neem   05/22/2012 11:48
I love this product. For over 25 years, it was the only product I used for my natural hair. I think it would have been more successful if rebranded as a natural hair product. After spending perhaps thousands on Aphogee, Mixed Chicks, Kinky Curly, Alaffia, Paul Mitchell, Tresemme, Organic Root Simulator, Jane Carter, Queen Helene, Castor Oil products, Placenta Products (Hask etc), Mizani, TheraNeem, (just naming some of the ones that I've tried this year) etc, NOTHING COMES CLOSE!!! Dear Hairlox, please share your recipe...or sell it to someone so it can become available again. I am interested in purchasing the recipe as well, so please let me know if there is a way to contact a representative. I am deeply saddened by the product not being available anymore.
Simply the best  Review By cynthia peterkin   02/12/2012 08:51
I love this product please send me 200 jars
afta perm  Review By carmen adams   02/01/2012 22:58
This product was the best ever.i cannit believe it is not being sold..if so i need 25 jars asap
Hairlox  Review By Peters   01/28/2012 08:42
I would like to order 10 Hairlox(After-Perm) Cannot find in stores here.

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