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H Cosmetiques H Cosmetiques La Bamakoise Tamarind Cream 50ml X 10pcs
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H Cosmetiques La Bamakoise Tamarind Cream 50ml X 10pcs

  BRAND : H Cosmetiques
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  Model No. :
  UPC. :
  Weight : 50ml X 10pcs
  Our Price : $64.29  $36.99
  Package Type : Pack            send mail
  Qty. : EA.    Available 27 PCS
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 Features & Specifications
H Cosmetiques La Bamakoise Tamarind Cream is a cosmetic product that has been studied to reduce callosity of the skin. Its concentrated, water-free formula is designed to smooth down rough skin, renew surface layers and eliminate dead cells through the combined action of tamarind extract, salicylic acid and shea butter. From the very first application the skin will be soft, smooth and gently scented.

Directions: Apply on feet, elbows, knees, massaging until it has been completely absorbed. Apply daily in the evening for one week. Store the product at room temperature, lower than 35ºC (94 F).

 Customer Reviews         Write Review
 18 Reviews.    Rating: 3.0
worst nightmare  Review By gertrude   11/28/2014 02:15
I used dis cream jez 1 night n my hands are so dry that m beginning to get scared.I nid help cos I dnt want it ti get worse than t was bfor I used it.pls
tamrind  Review By manda   10/04/2014 00:55
When using this cream after you started stripping and the first layer is gone you use a drifferent cream like idiol and haloderm or u put the tamrind in your cream using it alone give u a darker tone but it eventually strip off i love tamrind cause it mek she tone faster
how exactly do I use this cream  Review By baby   08/02/2014 10:35
Pls can someone tell me exactly how to use the la bamakoise tamarind cream so I dnt get burned
hands badly burnt by la bamakoise help!!!  Review By keria   06/07/2014 23:12
This product ruin my hands I can& 039 t go in public. Somebody help me.. I& 039 m in ja and I can& 039 t get any product to peel my skin I was told that is the only way hyperpigmentation will go away..cant sit still I& 039 m very pissed I need a product that wiLl lighten my
It& 039 s very good  Review By Deeza   05/29/2014 05:53
The cream is not meant to stay on the skin for more than 60mins... After applying it... You wait for some minutes then wash it off
solution  Review By Fatima   03/03/2013 22:21
For all who have suffered from this cream. I have a solution because it messed my skin up too. I found out this cream was not design to give you parmanent fair skin. It was design for peeling only for sturbon areas. After the peel you have to find a cream that will contine to maintain your fair skin. After it damaged my feets, i bought, tca peel acid on ebay the 70% but you can do lower if your skin is sensitive. Then i bought the entire set of extreme glow. They sell it here too. My feets are and entire body is very bright and toned now. I hope this help.
Stay Away!!!  Review By N   09/13/2012 10:31
i used this cream on the recommendation of a friend to get rid of dark skin on my feet. It was the biggest mistake of my life. It has completely discoloured my feet. I have tried scrubbing but it won't change. Please stay away from this product. i am very upset. Does anybody know how i can reverse the discolouration. please, please help. I am very very desperate!
Solution to All Sufferers of La Bamakoise Tamarind  Review By Chloe   07/04/2012 18:01
To all Sufferers, If you've had worst skin (i.e Feet or Hands) discoloration from using La Bamakoise Tamarind Cream, and you want a quick fix to your problem b'cos it's summer, then try skin obsession's TCA peel available at l will attest that after 12days of the peel my feet are really toned up. Don't forget your sunscreen SPF 70% in the quest of an even toned complexion. Afterwards, you can use 4% Kojic acid cream during the day and Clinician's formula 6% bleaching cream at bedtime theses are all at Good-Luck y'all!!!
disaster  Review By sam   06/12/2012 05:59
Well one person's saying that u can't stop after one peel ,but why foes he skin continue to peel after the 1st one and just after a week i notice its was getting i did it again with no result i have absolutely no i does what u talking about please details everybody's right whoever invented this cream is an idiot or trying to destroy people's live.
My results  Review By Bobbi   06/05/2012 15:07
After 1 week of using this cream my feet, my corn my knees and elbow started peeling . I was impress But I continue rubbing after the peeling don't be stupid hoping that after the first peel then quit because obviously if you stop it will come back darker and that's with any cream ......I am going onto week 3 with no complains yet .
Reaearch  Review By Sophie   06/02/2012 19:56
After a very careful reseach,I realized there is another process after the peel. If you are interested log into Natural skin or Skin
Garbage  Review By Neelan   06/02/2012 19:16
I'm Black the same thing happen to me It took me a while to realize now I can't wear tshirt shorts or skirts I'm glad I read the reviews has anyone found a way the damage Do Not Use
La Bamakoise Tamarind Cream  Review By Chloe   05/22/2012 16:17
Hello there! To all sufferers of this horrifying La Bamakoise Tamarind Cream, l have help. After my own ordeal with this discoloring cream, l went to the length and breath of the internet searching for help and thankfully my search yielded results and relief. Just after 3 days of applying this cream, my discoloring from La Bamakoise Tamarind Cream is showing visible improvement. Please if you are interested contact me via email at [email protected]
this is crap  Review By jultane   05/20/2012 23:01
you guy are a bunch of idoits to create this creme my fee is peeling off what hould i do cuz i cnt wear sandals and im ashame so my boyfirend wont see it
the cream's stinks  Review By sam   05/13/2012 08:16
Whom ever responsible for this cream should be sued the reason why the cream makes the skin worst than its original color i got to this point where i can't even hold my own baby becaue very dark i m embarrass to go outside please somebody anybody.It should be taking off the market
La Bamakoise Tamarind Cream  Review By Chloe   05/10/2012 01:55
l am experiencing the same reaction to the point that l can not wear shorts because my feet are so dark its very scary and embarrasing that l am stuck indoors since Summer of 2011. Does anyone know how l can get this problem solved? Please someone helppppppppppppppppppp!!!
bamakoise tamarind  Review By marie   04/17/2012 00:50
I started using this cream because i have dark spot on my knees,feet and my elbow at first the skin was peeling then after a week its started to get way darker than it was beforewhat should i do i need help any suggestion.please im desperate soon it'll be summertime please help me. BamakoiseTamarind
Result from La Bamakoise Tamarind Cream  Review By Nicola   03/31/2012 00:14
I used the cream on my knees, at first I thought it was the miracle cream I had been searching for as it caused the dark outer layer of my skin to strip within a week of using it and my natural skin color was visible during that period of time. Then about a week going on two weeks after I stopped using the cream, my knees became darker than they were before. Is that the expected result?

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