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Extreme Glow Extreme Glow Strong Lightening Beauty Milk 16.8oz
Sameday Shipping Item

Extreme Glow Strong Lightening Beauty Milk 16.8oz

  BRAND : Extreme Glow
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  Model No. :
  UPC. : 098864008201
  Weight : 16.8FL OZ/500ml
  Our Price : $71.44  $37.99
  Package Type : Bottle            send mail
  Qty. : EA.    Available 51 PCS
If amount ordered is greater than available pieces, your order may be delayed 2-3 business days.

 Features & Specifications
Extreme Glow Strong Lightening Beauty Milk with Argan Oil & Vegeclairine the best moisturizing and repairing component in the world. Also featured our patented ingredient; Vegeclairine, specially effective lightening and whitening active ingredient against all the hyper pigmentation problems of the skin such as: scars, pregnancy and acne marks, age spots, and sun patches.

Directions: Apply Extreme Glow Lightening Beauty Milk once or twice a day on skin previously cleansed with Extreme Glow Purifying Exfoliating Soap, insisting on hands, elbows and knees. To enhance result use Extreme Glow Gel, Cream and serum for face and specific area.

 Customer Reviews         Write Review
 59 Reviews.    Rating: 3.3
Abt Exreme glow  Review By Maudlyne Austine   02/10/2016 19:45
EzeExtream glow is one of d best soft tone product. Becos of its argon oil it tones nd mosturize no stretch marks, no grean vein etc. Beware of immetation. I ll advice anyone making use of d said product to buy on line direct from d company it is one product thats sells very fast nd most,,,,, cosmetic dealer wants to make excess gain. Buy all ur cosmetics nd toiletris from d big shopmail like a, shop rite pack and shop, exclusive super stores, next cash nd carry. Most of dis big cosmetic shop, super stores sells fake nd they dont give a dame abt d harm nd damage it ll cost to ones skin. Thankx
Get the best Skincare Products  Review By Sparkle Skincare   01/24/2016 02:55
Wrote a review sometime ago. I had to take matters into my own hands after I got tired of searching for a safe and effective way to lighten and care for my skin. I attended cosmetology school and now I have my own range of products made from organic ingredients. My skin has never looked better. Ladies, GO ORGANIC! For our skincare clients, we have the best selling Products in stock for a flawless radiant skin.   Customised Creams and lotions ( Whitening, Lightening, Brightening, Glowing, Half caste, Snow white, extra whitening) are available. Egyptian milk. Morocaan Milk. Dark Knuckle/ knees/elbow/ armpit/thighs/removal, Whitening bath gels, Herbal black soap, stretch mark removal kits, acne/pimples removal, weight loss herbs, hip engagement, whitening / Glutathione pills are aavailable. Check our page facebook page for Reviews and testimonies BBPIN: 58BAF8AD  Our hotline numbers +2348035136902 or +2348083101984 (watsapp enabled). Look flawless today.
extreme glow  Review By cynthia   11/13/2015 08:35
This cream gave me much pimple on my face with heavy stretch a no no
worse product iv use before  Review By Jauhara   09/10/2015 17:39
It was fabulous for the first two weeks....but afterwards my skin was messed up and very gave me dark spots and blemishes...very expensive yet very bad...I had rather use Abidjan harsh lotions than to use this...please save your money...
Manufacturers, pls do sth  Review By Grace   07/12/2015 03:45
I started with carrot then extreme. D truths u glow at first but tend u have embarrassing knuckles n skin discolouration. Right now, my skin is messed up.
Caution  Review By reviewer   06/25/2015 19:12
I used extreme glow for months. These products ruined my skin. View the pictures of my ruined skin on my blog about skin lightening
Horrible cream  Review By Stephanie   05/18/2015 07:07
Started using extreme glow lotion together with the serum the first month was perfect but after one month my skin was glowing and I was very happy it cleared all the spots on my face the cream got finished and I went for a second one everything was moving on smoothly till I started experiencing sunburn n later so many pimple came out of my face n horrible reactions on my chest that landed with spots on my face n chest n also neck even my veins are now green dont knw what to do
acne,black spots and stretch marks  Review By princess   04/28/2015 08:33
i never had acne,my face was very smooth both some months after i started using this product i started breaking out seriously. yes it makes u glow, u get fair and lovely skin but acne and stretch marks afterwards. i cant go to the pool anymore because of big stretch marks on my thighs,ashamed to wear shorts too and cant leave my house without concealer and foundation cos of the blackspots...if u dont mind having big acnes with purse, black spots and stretch marks on your body, u can purchase!!!
Stop Using chemicals!  Review By Amaka   04/10/2015 03:29
In the past, I have experimented with creams to achieve a lighter skin tone. The truth is almost all these lightening creams contain chemicals!!! Deadly ones. Like hydroquinone and mercury which is life threatening. Even some so called skin therapists are fake and uncertified. They will just buy creams over the counter, mix it and sell. If you want the best results, then spend good money on your skin. Your skin deserves it! Visit dermatologists and certified cosmetologists for your skin needs. I have 2 that I use their products and my skin is flawless! No more acne, hyperpigmentation, etc. I would have loved to put their contacts here but I wouldnt want to advertise on this webpage. But you can reach me on 08035136902. You can try glutathione supplements too. I have some in stock to resell. Stay safe lovely ladies.
horrible cream  Review By Chioma   03/23/2015 08:43
Witin d 2wks I bn using dis product I was fair... Very fair n I was hapi till it started giving me stretchmarks on my skin n green veins, d worst is my face is a hot mess
IT WORKS FOR ME  Review By ANONYMOUS   02/17/2015 09:39
causes acne  Review By carrie   02/15/2015 04:55
The extra glow cream is good at the beginning, after two weeks of using it I develop bad acne, very bad like big massive pimples I thought i was coming up with a disease or something, then I realized its the cream . I have never had pimples in my life, especially coming out of my neck and under my chin???? I was left with dark scars on my face and neck. Then I went back to read the instruction, it actually says it should be applied on the dark/hyper-pigmented site. I still use the cream trying to get rid of the dark spots I apply it direct on them and they are slowly disappearing. I gave it a 3 star because it did make my skin glow and the argan oil in it makes the skin soft and moist. I also use clinique even better cream because it has SPF, I do not use their soap instead I use Loreal products cleanser and scrub one for dark spots and one for black heads etc.. it is working well so far. The pimples have stopped coming.The manufacturers should take these reviews and check what ingredient in this cream causes bad pimples.
D cream extreme glow  Review By enkay   02/14/2015 07:54
I ve gone thru ladies comment. Good and bad. But mostly bad. I just bought d cream, mine does not ve D bn logo. I bought from a beauty shop I use to buy things in Nigeria . I ve always buy good and real product from them. Even though dat d report I ve read so far ar mostly negative, I bliv dat my own report will be positive. I just bougght d lightening milk and dont intend to add any other thing like serum. I hope d owners of d product has a way of reaching their customers regarding d comments they made. Thank you. In my review title I marked 1 star bcos I ve not started using it as d time Im posting. Dis comment. I shall come back to share my experience and I trust it will be a ggood one.
my skiN is a Now a mess cuz Of Extreme GlOW light  Review By lizzy   12/21/2014 14:33
4 d past 3 Weeks ve biN b usiNg Extreme Glow lotiOn Nd it hasNt lighteNed me at all, iNstead, its giving me stretch marks on ma bUttocks, thighs nd eveN White patches. INstead Of fixN ma skin, it WaNts 2 damage it. I eVen weNt ahead 2 buy d tube cream 4 ma face bcoz 4rm mia face 2 mia hands is darker dan Oda parts of mia body ., its. AlsO giving me pimple & itches nd mia face still dark. I. WOnt advice aNy lady dat cherish her skiN 2 go 4 dis product. I jst wasted mONey oN dis product 4 ntn.
just as you are  Review By candycefox   11/28/2014 12:30
First I must say I love this site and I only buy hair extensions , rubber bands and jam from this site but I came across these reviews, so call it fate for am compelled to say...Women are beautiful every shape size and color its time we recognize our self worth rejoice and delight in our differences. No you may not like certain aspects of your self due to child birth, loosening weight, gaining weight but god man you justas your are. Learn to love yourself by accepting yourself and if anyone got a problem with you then theyre not for you. Change for you and no on else and always through natural and healthly methods. Futhurmore I must say dont buy these crazy products such as this one mention among everyone. Peace love and soul happy shop
See a dermatologist  Review By YatunwedGra   08/24/2014 18:32
All these creams are chemicals! One that I brought smelt like body hair removing cream! It was that strong ! Pls go see a dermatologist if you want a brighter radiant skin. I just Went to go see a dermatologist for sun burn and hyperpigmentation after baby delivery. (I was. Like where have you been all my LIFE!!!!! )All they did was just a prescription of one exfoliating wash and one other cream. My skin is now soooooooooooo flawless. I won't mention the names here. I'm not trying to advertise another company's product here. But your dermatologist knows what will work best for you without any irritation. If you want to look white like paper ? Go to your Dermatologist. All you Have. To do is decide the degree of whitening or brightening !!!!!!!
Beware Of These Products!!!  Review By Keisha   08/10/2014 18:04
Hello Readers & Non-Believers, Firstly I want to say that this whole product line is bad. Honestly, it really worked wonders at first and you see instant results like in 2days. But PLEASE do not be fooled, it's only temporary. I usually do not write reviews (just simply read them), but after reading so many reviews that matched my experience I was compelled to share mines too. YES, Seynabou Niang YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT about the results you described in your review. After using the products after a month, I notice stretch marks (very light ones) on my inner arms in which I started panicking but didn't stop just yet. Then I noticed the marks were getting bigger and more visible, yes I got extremely light skinned and I was receiving tons of compliments but the aftermath was terrible. And no I didn't have previous marks on those areas from before, just normal marks from weight gain and maturity but those look completely different TRUST ME!! I staters seeing stretch marks on my arms, inner thighs, my face broke out badly (note* I never suffered from acne or pus-like pimples in my life just simple small normal pumps from time to time before, my skin was almost flawless and I'm in my 30's ), all I could do was cry and literally pray for them to go away. I wasted money on acne corrective products and stretch marks solutions... NO results. Only solution was to go cold-turkey meaning no products on my face other than simple water for months. All I can say is PLEASE do not use these products and if you do simply be prepare to "Laugh Now, Cry Later"!! I was Glowing* and Extremely* light in the beginning like the keywords in the products name yes. But the ending results was devastating and traumatic. I even had to pay for a large expensive rose tattoo for my arm to cover up the cream/gel burns and stretch marks because it left me feeling really insecure and I barely wear shorts now because of the marks on my thighs too. *Note I later spoke to some associates that used bleaching products too, some with different results and some with the same outcome. So YES these products can burn, bust, and cause ugly serious stretch marks on your skin easily. Anyways, GOOD LUCK to all the non-believers and props to all the truthful reviewers!
extreme glow  Review By oumou   08/08/2014 01:33
I buy the extreme glow products with beauty of new York but my didn't say the BY logo very disappointed
BODY MILK IS NOT FOR THE FACE!!  Review By pompom   08/06/2014 04:51
@ pretty to monster. the extreme glow strong lightening body milk is for the body ONLY. the manufacturer warns against using as a face cream!!! stop using on your face and if you will like the same product family for your face, use the extreme glow cream or gel. Goodluck!!
Help me oooo!  Review By pretty to monster   07/08/2014 01:48
Pimples has consumed my face!They have found a comfortable place upon my face. They come in different sizes. The worst pimples are the one on top of the nose and the one right in the middle of the forehead. Extreme glow? more like Extreme Beast. Why now.. why? i paid good money to be pretty not ugly!!!
Not worth it  Review By bunnyboo   07/06/2014 19:15
Bought PG cream, serum and gel, mixed everything together using a blender to ensure it was well mixed, the solution made me 3 shades lighter in 1 month but i started to notice stretch marks at the back of legs after feeling a burning sensation there for a few days. i am now using only pure coconut oil to prevent any more stretch marks and restore my skin elasticity before using any other lightening product. PG is too harsh even for tough skin and could give horrible side effects with prolonged use. Fairer skin is useless if you cant show it off because of stretch marks or breakouts.
buy  Review By benettajohnson   06/10/2014 11:42
bad lotion  Review By nnenna   05/25/2014 19:34
extreme glow has damaged my face
help!!!!  Review By Sil   05/05/2014 20:20
I& 039 ve been using extreme glow for a while now n its sooo I now have dark knuckles n I dunno what to do.I& 039 m planning on getting carrot glow for just my knuckles n face but will still use the cream on my body. Is it a bad idea ?
Logo  Review By Bim   04/15/2014 18:55
Jst purchased mine but it doesnt av d logo BN does that means is not original....pls i need to know
Originality of product  Review By Sassygurl jaylo   04/15/2014 17:40
Is my lotion original without the BN logo?
BAD HORRIBLE CREAM  Review By damsel   04/14/2014 06:10
Okay, I knw I asked before why people said this cream gives acne but they are actually right this horrible cream gives acne with prolonged use, how fast ur acne occurs depends on ur body type, am soooooooo pissed right now, please stay away frm this cream it is horrible give u boil sized acne on ur body and face!!!!!!
ANTICIPATION  Review By olivia   03/21/2014 07:59
I just bought the pure glow maximum lightening lotion, serum and tube cream, I am in anticipation that this product works. I have read horrible reviews about it since I bought it but sadly I cant dispose it because I bought it very expensive, like $200 for all listed items, I really really hope this product works. if it does I may continue or purchase extreme glow instead cos its cheaper.
Attention  Review By damsel   03/21/2014 07:52
why do people keep saying this lotion gives them acne??? THIS LOTION IS NOT MEANT FOR YOUR FACE. Use the gel or tube cream for your face. mix the lotion with the oil to be more effective. if u have problem areas like dark knees apply the serum on the knees first followed by the lotion and make sure u exfoliate either with a salt scrub or use the soap. GOODLUCK
extreme glow  Review By duchess   03/13/2014 04:05
Just got mine and am done with a full bottle. .am white like fuck. .it works am so happy..I think u just have to buy the original one n mix well that& 039 s all..heading for the second bottle
Pure glow et extrême glow  Review By Diana   03/06/2014 01:11
Be careful That Is my Best warning. I was using extrême glow, It did not Work, then i Call the company for advice, then they advice me to take pure glow, that is when my problem started: my face is full of acne now, i try everything in the acne section to get rid of my acne, but nothing works, I am seeing a dermatology now for 2 months and I still with my acne. Please be careful. DO NOT BUY IT, IF YOU DO, YOU WILL REGRET LIKE I AM NOW. Try something else
sooo much ache on my face.  Review By Aisha   03/05/2014 18:45
extreme glow lightning lotion. it also gave me. serious ache wats.d solution plsss
Terrible breakout!!!  Review By Andra   01/23/2014 07:16
Been using extreme glow easy tone milk for about two weeks and every morning i wake up with HUGE pimples on my face. Had a feeling it was the lotion but didn& 039 t want to believe, thanks to other reviews now I know and will just stop.
OMg  Review By Mimi   01/23/2014 05:13
Well I got lighter nd sweeter, but is it just me that feels this cream gives Acne? I have terrible breakouts on my face,back and chest. Helpppppppp. What do I do now?
ever i started using this cream i have acne on my   Review By rosemary adiukwu   01/22/2014 02:16
i have acne all over my body why
Is my cream original  Review By Abby   01/20/2014 04:27
I just bought extreme glow but mine doesn& 039 t carry the bn logo is it original?
I have acne all over my face  Review By miss B   01/12/2014 12:31
I have been using extreme glow for about a month now....I am lighter but I have acne all over my face! Mine has no bn logo so I need to know if its a fake,let me Know pls
pure glow  Review By linda monguehi   12/18/2013 17:00
hi i want to know if i can use the milk and serum pure glow on the face is very good for my body ps have acnee on the face and the cream not work in my face also i use the soap for my face and body... thanks
i need to know  Review By geetee   11/04/2013 16:22
I am new to the extreme glow product, just bought the lotion, syrum and gel. I mix both the lotion and syrum which I have been using for like a week now and I just started noticing that I now have whitish dots on my upper chest region and some burning sensation on my face. please I need to know if its as a result of the lotion or the syrum or is it wrong to mix both of them together
No results  Review By Favour Ebisike   10/27/2013 11:26
I have been using this product for long now but no results please reply me, I want to have effective results on my skin secondly the one I bought has no BN logo
Extreme glow easy tone  Review By nike   10/09/2013 13:05
Has anyone used the extreme glow easy tone before? I just bought it want to know if it truely works
No Stretch Marks!!!!  Review By TinFem   07/04/2013 20:55
I have been using this products for a year now, no appearance of stretch marks at all. Its a good products.
scared  Review By rose   05/14/2013 08:52
Nobody told me about extreme glow,just went to a beauty store and I pick it because of the natural content ARGAN OIL.Now am scared of using it because a friend of mine told me the cream gave her unbearable stretch marks,but she said the lightening is wonderful though,nw am seriously scared of using it because stretch marks are the last thing i want to see on my body.pls is there anything I can use along with it not to hv stretch marksand beside my own does nt hv the BN logo,any useful advice pls?
Lighter result  Review By Rosemary Chinyelu   05/01/2013 08:54
Started using for like 2 months, d soap,glycerin, cream nd tube cream, my skin is ok but just dt I'm darker now. How do I mix it to get a lighter result?
doesnt work on ppl that are already brown  Review By cheekygold   04/30/2013 20:15
I am already light (like beyonce's color) ok. Boom, I had a lot of dark spots that I wanted to get rid of tried these products (the syrum, gel, and cream) for 2 months (religiously) nothing worked. I am starting back on omic gel . man it is way cheaper and it works and you don't have to use it as much as this stuff. There (extreme glow) products causes acne too much hormones in it. another thing that worked for me was raw lemon or lime on my face with the omic gel.
extreme glow  Review By tsexy   04/18/2013 04:13
hi,when i started using extreme glow lotion,for a week no immediate effect and i dumped it and got supreme white,that had no effect too.someone then mentioned to me dthat since i wasnt mixing the serum with the cream it might take a little longer, so i went back to it.been using for 6weeks now and i must say this cream works wonders.i am lighter though its a gradual process,i like and am sticking to it.
need to know.  Review By Eunice   04/09/2013 08:28
pls is extrem glow lotin and d glycerin and rose water works d same way pls i need 2 kn.
am worried  Review By selina   04/09/2013 05:09
I was using fair and white befor a frnd of mine told me abt extreme glow.I bounght the cream and the soap. Its two good weeks now. No result @ all, and most painful part is dat,am nw veri dark and with pimples. My frnd are nw suggesting dat,I shuld go bck to my fair and white cream. Out of anger I went bck to D shop I bounght it frm, she nw advice me to B patient wit the cream,since I have nt finish D whole bottle,dat I shuld get D serum and mix it,wit it So I did it. Am jst praying and hoping its works 4 me. # worried#
reaction.  Review By modupe   03/22/2013 19:58
i just bought my Etreme glow creme four days ago and all i get is itching reaction and some kinds of reactions like rashes all over my face is it normal for a new Extreme glow user?pls reply me m so worried..because i dont wanna stop using cos i heard the creme is so super lovly.
We want more  Review By Moi   03/05/2013 13:04
When will u get this back in stock?????????
Bring More Extreme Glow  Review By Elizabeth Jacy   01/02/2013 00:47
I have just started using the Extreme Glow, but I like so far and I wish you guys had more in stock because the one I had ran out.
glow  Review By nagwida ntibagirigwa   10/22/2012 01:50
wait can someone tell me i have get this extreme glow da it works during the summer or both winter and summer? tell me so i can buy it too... and how long that it take to show u that is working?
Extreme Glow Strong Lightening Treatment Cream  Review By anita   10/09/2012 12:52
pls this cream is very good it work and help me very much ,i only buy one cream and works
extreme Glow  Review By lady B   09/23/2012 07:35
I just bought d cream but mine does not carry d BN logo. Is it original
impress  Review By naomi   09/22/2012 12:28
Am so impress,this cream is something else
Works!  Review By Nana Amoako   08/26/2012 18:03
this product is amazing! fast results.
Back in stock?  Review By Aiss B   08/21/2012 02:41
Please bring more back in stock!! Thank you
Extreme Glow Strong lightening beauty milk  Review By Tina   08/03/2012 05:14
This beauty Milk is great.just finished 1 bottle and i am 2 shades lighter.I love this cos i have a very dry skin and this is the only body milk that do not dry my skin.Wow! Moisturizing and Lightening in a Lightening Body milk,Great Great!! Thank you Extrem Glow!
help!  Review By vanessa   07/30/2012 10:41
I just got thie beauty milk and the tratment cream today.pls I want 2 know how long it will take b4 I start seeing results and how many. Shades lighter I can get.

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