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Doctor Clear Doctor Clear Lightening Care Body Lotion 14oz
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Doctor Clear Lightening Care Body Lotion 14oz

  BRAND : Doctor Clear
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  Model No. :
  UPC. : 752084303507
  Weight : 14FL OZ/414ml
  Our Price : $12.85  $8.99
  Package Type : Bottle            send mail
  Qty. : EA.    Available 30 PCS
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 Features & Specifications
Doctor Clear Lightening Care Body Lotion Hydroquinone Free Prowite Complex Vitamins + Phyto Ingredients helps to visibly brighten up your complexion. Smoothes, tones and texturizes skin, thanks to the vitamins, phyto ingredients and the Prowite complex known to improve skin's complexion and vitality.

Directions: Massage in a circular motion over skin, concentrating on the darkest areas. For best results, use twice daily.

 Customer Reviews         Write Review
Love my new skin tone!  Review By A very satisfied customer!   01/24/2015 01:50
I have been using this cream for only 3 weeks,the one for the body and the one for the face,and I cansee it is been a blast! My skin tone is getting lighter,but mostly,smoother day after day. Unfortunately,since it is winter here in Shanghai,my skin gets dry,especially on the body. But the good part is that,since I have oily skin on my face,it is good on it,it doesnt dry it at all. Looking forward to use it,I am planning to continue use it for another 3 months,or until the end of spring.
Love my new skin tone  Review By Aminata   07/22/2014 21:53
I love this cream, it has brightens and soften my skin.
It was fantastic. where can i buy it.i am in South  Review By Gladys   06/27/2014 12:02
I bought this cream back in 2011 just to try ot because it said no hydroquinone.Believe me it works no complaints of disconfort.The colour was kind of light brown.unfortunately i been searching looking for a supplier in Cape town.none.i just have pictures and the empty container as souvenir. for those who are lucky to know where to buy them be aware that there are fake products out there.any fake peoduct would damage and darken your skin .i have a senstive skin and i am able to spot what work or not on it. please where and how can i buy the right DOCTOR WHITE..
I have no problem using doctor clear, This is 3yea  Review By mercy   04/29/2014 18:06
I started using doctor clear since 2011 till now nd is the best cream I ever used due to my skin is dry/sensitive as well, It works wonder on my skin, It makes my skin glow, soft ,thick nd also lighten my skin too,And mh frds keep asking what type of cream using for my skin.. thou it takes 4wks before you can see the different. The smell is also loving nd have no reaction on my skin.Also the facial cream too is very effective on black spot that& 039 s on my face, within 24hrs al my pimples has gone nd I feel so much happy about it.I heard some people saying is yellow in color No! Is not yellow in color but lightcream nd the same containers that shows above on this pictures.The best thing about this cream is that it has no hydroquinone, perfume, steroids, mercury or any danger to health nd skin..Good about this cream is it has Prowite Complex, Vitamins+Phyto Ingredient. So I will keep recommend it to people.
doctor clear lotion  Review By colleen chitambara   03/15/2014 07:19
I& 039 m from Zimbabwe,I used the doctor clear lotion for almost a month,to my whole body,lncluding face. At first it was ok until I decided to stop,after three days I begun to sense some itching on my face. Even my legs are itching ad well followed rush both face and legs.please tell me what can I do to get read of this problem.
Bad Bad cream  Review By selina   02/19/2014 16:52
The worst cream ever. Darkened my complexion. Instead of lightening. The smell is horrible, each time I apply it after bathing it will start to itch me all over my body. Serious itching that last for like 4minutes. I thought it will stop after some days but the itching never stopped. I used it for 3weeks and I had to discontinue. Rubbish cream .
the lotion and the serum  Review By selina   02/06/2014 20:01
My name is Selina and am from Nigeria, is been 1week i started using this lotion, serum and soap, and I like it already. Because is so soft even though it has not started to lighten my skin because is just 1 week i started using it. But I still feel so much confident in it. The original is made in USA. And is brownish in colour, light brown i mean. By the end of February I will give another on how my skin look. That is when I can now check if I should give it a 5 STAR. Mind u the cream has a weird odour. 
Very good  Review By Rita   11/23/2013 05:28
I have used this cream and it is yellowish in colour to avoid lightening I had to use it every after two days. This will maintain your skin colour glowing. It& 039 s a very nice cream but now I can& 039 t find it in shops.
amazingggg  Review By Amina   11/09/2013 16:55
Believe it,its a wonderful product. Mine is exactly like what you see displayed up there. Any one you see made in African country is fake. The content is brown like not yellow or white.
does it remove ances  Review By nelly kwame boakye   10/10/2013 06:07
i have been this product for 1week n i want to know if it removes ances from skin
is it different?  Review By omo   08/30/2013 07:59
Please just want to make an inquiry as to whether Dr Clear lotion have variety of packages. I observed that the one I use is different from what I see here. The one I use is made in Cote d'Ivoire.Thank you
wonders of doctor clear lightening lotion on my sk  Review By Onyiye   08/28/2013 12:40
Am a Nigerian and this cream has done wonders for me. I love how my skin looks and feels now,I will recommend this cream to anyone
does it bleach?  Review By gloria   07/29/2013 11:08
Does it bleach?
want to differentiate between the origin and the f  Review By lily enyonam adetu   06/27/2013 16:50
just started using Dr. clear body lotion and want to know how to differentiate between the origin and the fake. i purchase it with a friend and the colour and texture of the lotion differ from each other, my was yellowish in colour n not all that soft while her's was soft n have same colour as the container.
want to differentiate between the origin and the f  Review By lily enyonam adetu   06/27/2013 16:50
just started using Dr. clear body lotion and want to know how to differentiate between the origin and the fake. i purchase it with a friend and the colour and texture of the lotion differ from each other, my was yellowish in colour n not all that soft while her's was soft n have same colour as the container.
Which one?  Review By VampireGirl   04/09/2013 17:21
does doctor clear lighteing care body lotion work good on black people? ifit long? and can you use it wen ur wearing make up? is the dr clear body lotion is better than the dr lear ligtening care facial lotion ?or the dr lear ligtening care facial lotion is better than dr clear body lotion ? how do you use it ??? please reply thank you!!
Good Lotion  Review By Joy   04/01/2013 21:02
Have been using this lotion for almost two weeks now and is very good for me.
Dr clear prowite  Review By Gloria Darko   08/09/2012 21:59
the pomade is not working for me .I have been using it for 3weeks now but am now becoming more darker. how do i differentiate the original from fake. I'm in Ghana

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