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REVLON Revlon Colorsilk Intensive Conditioner

Revlon Colorsilk Intensive Conditioner

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  Model No. :
  UPC. : 309976392004
  Weight : 4FL / 118ml
  Our Price : $6.24  $4.84
  Package Type : Box            send mail
  Qty. : EA.     out of stock

 Features & Specifications


This exclusive patented conditioner includes Pro-Vitamin B5 in its silkening formula.  It works inside and out to make sure your color-treaed hair is healthy, vibrant and resilient

  • Conditions and protects hair inside and out
  • Silkens and smoothes for lustrous shine
  • Helps maintain the vibrancy of your color
  • Leaves hair easy to detangle, wonderfully manageable, full of body

TO USE: After shampooing, squeeze out excess moisture.  Work conditioner through hair and leave on for 2 minutes.  Rinse thorughly.  Use once a week between coloring, or more frequently if needed.

 Customer Reviews         Write Review
My hair misses you!  Review By Angie   12/16/2014 17:14
Please bring it back!!! My hair ONLY responds to this conditioner :(
Revlon Color Silk Intensive Conditioner  Review By Nancyj   12/13/2014 20:02
Please bring it back
Please being it back  Review By Jackie   12/07/2014 02:04
This is the best conditioner. Ive never found anything better. Please bring it back. !
OMG - finally find what I want  Review By Kathy   11/16/2014 15:12
I finally find what I want its out of stock?????????????????? This conditioner is the best for my colored hair. I am such a shineorexic (daughter came up with this for me) and this conditioner makes my hair SHINE! Why dont they sale this?
PLEASE bring this back!!  Review By Jackie   11/12/2014 13:22
I LOVE the after color conditioner that comes with Colorsilk and even called the company to see if they sell it in a large bottle. Why don't they??? It smells like jasmine and I keep buying products that claim to smell like jasmine, but none of them do. PLEASE bring this back!! PLEASE!!!
No other conditioner compares.  Review By Jayne Hasselroth   08/24/2014 17:42
I have been looking for this product everywhere. I hope you decide to bring it to the market. It is my favorite. I use the Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color (42). My hair always looks it's best when I first color my hair and use the conditioner. I haven't found any conditioner that compares. Let me know when you put it back on the market. Thanks.
No other conditioner compares.  Review By Jayne Hasselroth   08/24/2014 17:41
I have been looking for this product everywhere. I hope you decide to bring it to the market. It is my favorite. I use the Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color (42). My hair always looks it's best when I first color my hair and use the conditioner. I haven't found any conditioner that compares. Let me know when you put it back on the market. Thanks.
BEST CONDITION EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Review By Alden, NY   08/22/2014 10:16
I LOVE THIS CONDITIONER!!! :+( A year ago I had an accident that burnt my hair, after trying every conditioner out there to bring back the soft feeling I FIND IT, LOVE IT, ITS THE BEST AND NOT SOLD ANY WHERE just my luck.. A friend 1st told me to try this product after my accident and then I find out the only way to get it is buying hair dye WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!!!! I can't believe this is not sold ANY WHERE.. PLEASE start TO SELL THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!
revlon conditioner  Review By Nez Sanchez   08/13/2014 22:30
I would really like for you to bring back this conditioner I love the smell and I absolutely like the ways it make s my hair feel so silk. Everything I get on your website you guys are always out of stock... PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!! YOU WOULD GET HAPPY CUSTOMERS!!!! EVEN I WOULD BE HAPPY
Revlon Colorsilk after color conditioner  Review By James   08/10/2014 10:32
I'm a guy but like the rest of you, I want to be able to buy this conditioner that comes with the hair color. Absolutely nothing else does for my hair what this does. I've tried everything on the market. Been going through this for many years with my hair. Does anyone make the same thing as this under a different brand? I guess not. If so, what is your experience with this product? Thanks, James
Bring IT back!!!!  Review By Tangela   08/06/2014 21:20
We all love Color Silk Conditioner, it is like hair crack!!!! The smell is amazing and it makes your hair feel like " SILK" !!!! Please bring this back!!! People are selling the small sample packs for crazy money on eBay. That money could be in Revlon& 039 s pockets and you would have happy happy customers!!! Thanks for the consideration! :)
I buy Revlon Colorsilk just for the after-color  Review By Maria Vidot   06/15/2014 20:32
I love this product so much that I& 039 ve even bought the box with everything just for the conditioner and not to color my hair. You need to put this conditioner on the shelves, to make us woman happy and for your company to make yourself some money. Please!!!!
Call Revlon at 1-800-473-8566  Review By Bronwyn   04/24/2014 16:57
Totally agree. I just called them at 1-800-473-8566 and spoke with a really nice girl who says she is sending me free packets :) She also said that if enough people call they will consider selling this as a separate product so call!
Walmart and Target  Review By Carlee   03/28/2014 03:06
This truly is the best conditioner. They don& 039 t seem to sell it, but, the whole box of dye with the packet is less than $3.00 at Walmart and Target. I just buy and extra box and use the packet after 2 weeks. Not a perfect solution, but better than nothing and cheaper than most deep conditioners.
Sally Beauty Supply Has Comparable Product!  Review By NYHomeowner   03/20/2014 05:51
Sally Beauty Supply carries a conditioner that is comparable to the sadly no-longer-available Revlon Colorsilk Intensive Conditioner. It is " Generic Value Products (GVP) Conditioning Balm" and you can buy a 16 ounce container for around $7. Go to and search for it.
a MUST bring back!!!!  Review By gelice sunguad   03/04/2014 14:17
They really need to bring back the conditioner!!! Its amazing! I love it! Why would they stop selling it in the states???? Please bring it back! It is need as a want
Bring back, bring back, bring back my conditioner   Review By Jodi Delong   02/19/2014 23:03
This is insane! You must bring it back! My hair is begging me to condition it!
Bring it back Pls!!!  Review By Regina   02/15/2014 20:32
The best hair conditioner!!! Please bring it back
Conditioner No Longer Sold in States  Review By Crystal   02/12/2014 12:42
Just spoke to customer service. This product has not been available for four or five years. Revlon no longer sells shampoo or conditioner in the United States, only haircolor. If everyone calls customer service to request it, maybe they will bring it back. 800-473-8566.
Need this product  Review By Geri   02/11/2014 13:24
I love the Colorsilk after-color conditioner while would you have such a great product and not sale it to the consumers. I have tried many different conditioner, but find that I never get the the same results as I have learned to expect from Colorsilk.
PLEASE bring it back!!!!  Review By Cynthia   01/21/2014 21:49
I& 039 ve been using Revlon hair color for over 15 years and have been in search of the packet conditioner that comes in the box in a larger bottle....just found this find it is NO longer available! Why would you discontinue this fabulous conditioner? Please bring it back.
perfect  Review By ara   12/21/2013 07:01
It was my first time dying my hair with Revlon Colorsilk and didn& 039 t expect that much but oh my god, the conditioner that comes in the box with the dye is just so good. Like, it made my hair feel instantly soft, despite the previous bleaching and dying. So yeah. I& 039 m begging. PLEASE BRING THIS PRODUCT BACK. PRETTY PUHLEEEEEASE. It& 039 s gonna be my favorite conditioner I swear.
Please call Revlon and ask them to make this avail  Review By z.   12/19/2013 13:56
Please call Revlon at 800-473-8566 and beg them to bring this product back. I just talked to them and they said if enough people called they would bring it back. I just used the Colorsilk hair color for the first time yesterday and my hair has never looked or felt so good. I am 60, and have used everything under the sun on my dry hair and nothing ever made it look as good as this conditioner does. I am almost ready to buy the hair color and throw out the color, just to use the conditioning packet, but that is too wasteful for me to do it. If enough people request it, they will bring it out again.
I& 039 m in love with this product  Review By Tara Ransome   11/17/2013 03:27
I love this conditioner so much I use it as a leave in conditioner.that& 039 s how soft it makes my hair after using it. I don& 039 t want to rinse it out.please bring this product to stores so I can stock up on the best conditioner ever.make it in mega size, because I have to share it.thank you...can you please let us know when you have more in stock.every time I visit this site you are out of stock.
revlon colorsilk intensive conditioner  Review By sue   11/13/2013 16:37
Hoping that you will soon have this back in stock because this is the only site that appears to have sold this WONDERFUL conditioner. Any idea when that might be?????
Best Conditioner Ever!  Review By Caroline Polston   11/12/2013 01:14
I& 039 ve been searching the internet for this conditioner, and this site appears to be my best option for, hopefully, being able to buy this wonderful product. I simply cannot imagine why Revlon does not sell this to the public. It is the BEST conditioner I have ever used! I do hope you can restock this, and that you can contact me when you have it available once again!!
I need it bad!!!!!  Review By Mary Borden   11/11/2013 07:36
I love Colorsilk hair color and I can find it at most stores, but would love to buy the conditioner separately as it is the best conditioner I have ever used. Your hair turns out so soft and silky . its wonderful!!!!!
Intensive conditioner  Review By lydia   10/31/2013 17:07
I really want to try this! please restock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to buy GALLONS!!!  Review By Jennifer Feddersen   10/31/2013 06:09
I absolutely love your hair conditioner that comes in your Revlon Colorsilk hairdye boxes! Smells amazing and is incredible!! Sell it by the gallon!!! You will make incredible profit!! I have very dry damaged hair, but when I use this........ wow. 100% Improvement
conditioner  Review By sheila   10/24/2013 16:36
love the colorsilk conditioner where can I buy it?
  Revlon Colorsilk Intensive Conditioner  Review By Victoria   10/18/2013 22:12
I& 039 ve been using this hair color and what really impressed me most is the conditioner... REVLON please make it available in 1L Bottle. I will buy a dozen. This is not a joke... I need it for my really bad hair. And using this makes my hair so relax and smooth...please..PLEaSE ..please...
  Revlon Colorsilk Intensive Conditioner  Review By Marivic   10/18/2013 21:52
This is the best conditioner ever!!!. Please we demand to be accessible/available in the market. I was in a hunt of this for months...years...please Revlon make it available. Thanks a lot!
After Color Conditioner  Review By Vicki Toliver   10/17/2013 11:51
Best conditioner ever and smells great too. PLEASE, PLEASE restock.
Please bring this Conditioner back  Review By Peggy   09/22/2013 01:58
The Revlon Colorsilk Intensive Conditioner is the best color treated hair conditioner I have ever used. Please let me know if they are going to bring it back Thanks
Please COME BACK IN STOCK REVLON!!!! :'(  Review By Shanice Stephens   09/17/2013 23:52
Omg! I LOVE THIS CONDITIONER! The smell and the way it helps my hair is absolutly outstanding! I cried a bit at the local walmarts and sallys jusf because they DONT CARRY THEM. I was real upset, but I also thought maybe jusf maybe the internet would have it; I seen that they did ONLY IT IS OUT OF STOCK. Please Revlon, bring this product back. If you do, I will buy 10 bottles of that product! :D
Best Product EVER  Review By Sara Ramirez   08/29/2013 14:08
I love the conditioner that comes in the hair dye kit.... Its amazing!!! My hair always feels sooooo strong and is really shinny and extreamly soft after I use it....not to mention smells AMAZING!!! I have been looking for it to be sold seperately since.... PLEASE bring this back!!!!
WHERE CAN I BUY THIS  Review By Melissa Powell   08/13/2013 16:48
I love the conditioner in the hair color. Please tell me where I can buy this product. I will pay what ever for it cause it makes my hair feel that good and the smell I love. Please answer me.
?  Review By trey brooks   08/13/2013 15:20
If this conditioner is anything like the conditioner in the color treatment,,, PLEASE COME BACK !
Revlon Colorsilk Conditioner  Review By GJ   06/24/2013 22:50
I've been coloring w/Color Silk for a while now and love the conditioner in the box as my hair is fine and that conditioner doesn't weigh my hair down. Searching the Revlon site to see if I can purchase the conditioner in a separate bottle thought I had hit the jack box when I saw the Revlon Colorsilk Intensive Conditioner. Then reading all the comments discovered that it's no longer available. Why do companies do this on products that pleases the customer? Has it been replaced by another ...if so, what? Please answer my email.
This is a miracle serum!  Review By Stacy   06/14/2013 16:00
I too am a huge fan of this conditioner. I've searched to see if I could buy this conditioner seperately. I just sent an email on to commend them on this formula and strongly encouraged them to market just the conditioner. LOVE this stuff!
Love it!  Review By Moni   05/21/2013 13:01
I think when it was sold in a bottle the cost was about 5$. I swear I would pay way more just to have it! Hey REVLON here is your Gold Mine..Bring it back!!!
Revlon Colorsilk Conditioner  Review By Janet Simpson   05/16/2013 20:57
I to agree with all the comments and to add to it,after i color my hair and condition it with the Revlon conditioner i wrap my hair in a towel. When i take that towel off my head my dog goes crazy to rub his head in that towel.The smell is so good even he loves it :) I will be a customer for lif for me and my dog if you start selling it.
REQUEST CONDITIONER TO BE SOLD IN BOTTLES AGAIN!  Review By Sheryl Carey   05/13/2013 10:52
I just spoke with Revlon, and no, they are not offering it in the bottles anymore. I put a message in with them to PLEASE bring this back in the bottle, their sales would skyrocket!! If everyone calls them with this request, maybe they will start it again, making so many of us as happy as we can be. This is without a doubt, the BEST conditioner! Revlon also does NOT test on animals, which is the number one reason I love them as well as their products. PLEASE take a minute to call them and request this conditioner back in full sized bottles. Their number is 800-473-8566.
Bring back Color Silk conditioner  Review By Shirley Jones   05/05/2013 23:27
I really like this conditioner. I thought this might be a place I could get a large bottle instead of the little packages in the hair color, but the other people writing reviews say they don't make it anymore. Please make big bottles that work just like the conditioner in the hair coloring. It makes your hair feel smooth, not oily or heavy.
I'm like all of you!  Review By Kyky Kujo   04/26/2013 11:39
I've always used Revlon ColorSilk as my hair dye, nothing else works as well and the price is exceptional. I've been dying my hair black since I was in 5th grade, and I always thought Revlon's black hair dye is what made my hair so soft and shiny.. until I went red this year. I couldn't believe it! It's not the dye, it's the conditioner! I iron my hair after every wash, but my curls are so tight that I can usually only manage to have wavy coarse hair. When I use this conditioner, it makes my hair completely straight! I need it! I've been searching every beauty supply in town for this conditioner and I've been DYING to find this in a bottle. So far, all I've been able to find are sales by the packet, but that does me little good since the prices are outrageous considering the amount you get. I can make a packet last for about 2 washes but I really need this in the long run! I've never been able to find anything that makes my hair hold an ironing like this conditioner. :) If anyone has any information, please post it here. I would gladly buy this conditioner!
Miracle Conditioner  Review By Kandice VanDyke   04/22/2013 13:49
So I first used this conditioner when I used the Revlon colorsilk hair dye. and I have never been able to find it's equal. I use stuff from morroccan argan oil to shampoos that are said to repair hair and nothing has even come close to making my hair feel as silky, smooth and completely repaired as the little packet of conditioner. I decided to search online for this stuff and no luck yet. Please sell this by the bottle in stores!!
Revlon colorsilk conditioner  Review By Annie Ng   04/17/2013 14:49
I love this product very much. It makes my hair so softand shiny. Late last year i did call Revlon company to ask about this kind of conditioner, but she said they do not make it anymore because no one wants to buy it. I said to her everyone loves it and highly demanded. If you want to know more about this product, please call the number below to reqquest and hopefully they will make it again. 1-800-473-8566 or
Out of stock, please restock  Review By Darlene Cicciarelli   04/08/2013 14:47
Please can you tell me where I can buy this or when you will restock it. I would like five bottles. Thank you, Darlene
PLEASE RESTOCK!!  Review By Kathp   04/06/2013 12:18
This is by far the BEST - I've been reduced to buying any color, throwing it out and just using the conditioner!
I want this sold in stores!!  Review By MelissaMoore   03/08/2013 14:23
I love this miracle conditioner! Makes hair beautiful And it makes it so shiney and healthy. I want to be able to buy it in stores!
Revlon Conitioner  Review By cheryl   02/28/2013 12:10
I agree that this is the best conditioner. I did call Revlon just today and expressed my opion about them starting to sell it. If enough people would call them they might start selling it. The lady I spoke with was name Erin, and she said she would pass my message on. Cheryl
Please Revlon -Help  Review By JP   01/03/2013 23:37
Agreed ladies, the best conditioner ever! I use to be able to find bottles of it a few years ago but not anymore. Like you all, I have searched the Internet for it to no success. Every site I found says "out of stock". Revlon would be doing a great service to thselves and to all of us who need this wondrful conditioner! Please revlon!!
A*M*A*Z*I*N*G !!!  Review By Monika   12/29/2012 02:26
This is definitely the best conditioner I've ever used. I have searched internet and stores for this product for months now and it seems like it's been discontinued (except for the little sample size packets in the ColorSilk hair coloring products). I wish Revlon could bring back this amazing product. It's best out of the best and there is nothing else on the market that comes even close to it. It left my hair unbelievably soft, silky and sleek, made me feel like a hair commercial girl LOL! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!
conditioner  Review By Renee   11/29/2012 22:46
I'm over 60. My hair has become dry and brittle. For a change I colored with colorsilk. The color was fine, but the conditioner was marvelous. I could feel the softnr=ess as I put it on. Is it sold in stores beauty supply houses; where please.
awsome!!!!  Review By Gloria   04/30/2012 09:29
I have never found a better conditioner than this colorsilk, but i wold like to have a bottle to use in between every time i wash my hair; leaves my hair so silky. Get back with me please so i can order some of it. Thank You. Gloria
Revlon conditioner  Review By Brandy   04/03/2012 10:07
I love the conditioner that comes with the hair dye and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if and where I can buy it by the bottle. I read that it was called "outrageous" but I'm not sure if that's the one or not! Thank you for your help :)
Colorsilk Conditioner  Review By Marjorie Long   03/03/2012 14:41
I have never found a better conditioner than this colorsilk, but i wold like to have a bottle to use in between the coloring times, so how can i buy it when i don't need to buy the coloring it is great, leaves my hair so silky. Get back with me please so i can order some of it. Thank You Marjorie
revelon conditioner that comes with my color  Review By phyllis may   01/08/2012 12:49
love it but where can i get it??

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