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Mystic Nails Mystic Nails Hardener 0.5oz

Mystic Nails Hardener 0.5oz

  BRAND : Mystic Nails
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  Model No. :
  UPC. :
  Weight : 0.5oz
  Our Price : $2.49
  Package Type : Bottle            send mail
  Qty. :   EA          Discontinued     

 Customer Reviews         Write Review
MYSTIC NAILS HARDNER  Review By Ms. B   07/04/2014 22:37
Please bring back Mystic Nail Hardener. I have been using it for at least 15 years or longer. It was the best nail hardener on the market. I was very upset when they went out of business. I have one full bottle left. I do not want to use it because I know that I cannot get anymore. I have another bottle that I am using sparingly. BRING IT BACK!! BRING IT BACK!!
my experence with mystic nails  Review By renie   06/28/2014 04:07
I worked in a supermarket on Staten island close to where mystic nails was made , one night I was working talking to the other cashier about how I couldn't get my nails to grow , low and behold my customer was the creator of mystic nails ( true story) . So he told me about his product and went to his car and brought me in 2 bottles and told n Me I could buy it at rite-aid and I used it for yrs till it was no longer available . Just wanted to share that experience . Btw I still have a half a bottle I just used it tonight . I came online looking to see if I can find it again.
bring back Mystic Nails hardener!!!  Review By Cindi   05/20/2014 16:23
Absolutely LUV this product, & yes - I wish they'd make it again, exactly like it was! I have an original bottle maybe 2/3rds to 3/4ths full & will SELL it for the right price - I do love it, but I do love $ better. Thanks! :-)
To STEPH  Review By Elda   04/29/2014 17:54
Hi Steph, Please call me at your earliest convenience 201-888-3118 as I would like to purchase those full bottles from you. Thank you.
steph  Review By Carol   04/28/2014 10:58
Please email me if you have 2 bottles of mystic nail hardener. What are you selling for Steph?
Was the best  Review By Steph   04/20/2014 12:15
This was the best nail strengthener on the market. It's a shame they don't make it anymore. For the reviewer looking for an empty bottle - I have an almost empty bottle, and one or 2 full bottles left as well.
Mystic nails  Review By Giana Gibson   04/16/2014 19:57
Please bring back mystic nails the best product ever
WILL PAY $100 FOR BOTTLE OF MYSTIC NAIL  Review By ELDA MORGAN   03/29/2014 14:58
My Mystic Nails :(  Review By Kathie   03/26/2014 09:13
Oh no ~ Please bring back Mystic Nails. It is the best ever. Can't someone out there re-produce it? I have one bottle left.
WHY IS THIS DISCONTINUED?!?!  Review By Ally   03/20/2014 20:26
This stuff was ahhhMAZING and really worked! I used it for years and so did my mom. It's so frustrating that when you find something that you love and that works that they just stop making it! It's BS!!!
I am in urgent need of just 1 bottle (empty or even with just a few s left) of Mystic Nails. I can offer a very nice compensation in exchange for this bottle. If any one has one, please contact me at [email protected] Thank you!
Wanted. 1 Empty Bottle of Mystic Nails.  Review By Elda   03/11/2014 23:31
I am in urgent need of just 1 empty bottle (or a few s left) of Mystic Nails. If anyone has one, please contact me at [email protected] I can offer a very nice compensation. Thank you!
best nail hardner ever  Review By Glo   01/13/2014 12:15
What a shame we can no longer get this product. It was such a good nail hardner. What ever made them discontinue this. I would buy 4 to 6 at a time when I found it. I have been searching for months and months to find it. If you have a good product why take it off the market. Makes no sense.Hope they get enough requests and return it to the market.
Oh where oh where has Mystic Nails Gone!!!!  Review By Deborah Notholt   12/29/2013 14:57
I am an office manager, a wife and a grandmother. Do I have to tell you how many times a day I have my hands in water. Mystic Nails is (WAS) the only nail hardener that could keep up with my busy lifestyle and allow my nails to look good and keep some kind of length to them PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this product back. I promised my Mom in Florida that I would find it for her.
I MISS MY MYSTIC NAIL HARDENER  Review By Lisa Mutchler   12/16/2013 10:17
I want Mystic Nail Hardener back also. It was the best. Why did they have to discontinue it. Lisa
Mystic Nails Hardener  Review By Vivian Champ   12/12/2013 09:12
PLEASE, bring Mystic Nails Hardener back. It is the best I have ever used.
Miss my Mystic Nail  Review By Odette   12/10/2013 08:57
Bring back Mystic Nail. It's the BEST hardener ever. I miss it
Mystic nails  Review By Rae Reff   11/22/2013 07:25
I have been using mystic nails for years and I can't find it anywhere. I would like to know why it is discontinued. Where can I get it? Rae
mystic Blues  Review By kim   10/17/2013 17:22
i love mystic nail hardener. Nothing compares or works better, believe me i tried so many nail hardeners and nail gels. NONE WORK. PLEASE BRING BACK. MY NAILS NEED IT . thank you.
Have not found anything that compares to Mystic Na  Review By Shane   10/07/2013 12:29
Discontinued? Say it isn' t so!!! I am on the last bit of the last bottle I have. I bought a bottle of Sally Hansen No-Chip top coat on Saturday, did my nails, slept, showered and washed my hair the next day. Half the polish chipped off. I was on a tight schedule to get to an out-of-state wedding so didn't notice until I got into the car. Put a quick coat of Mystic Nails clear to prevent the ragged edges from ruining my dress and nylons but my nails looked horrible. I was SO embarrassed! Mystic Nails never peels when I wash my hair, never chips under my gloves when I garden, and makes colors last ever so long when clear is used as a top coat. What am I going to use now?
Where can I find you Mystic Nail.  Review By Maggie   10/06/2013 09:52
I love this product. It works and that is the truth. Yours nails become strong and long and it's clear so you can apply over color if you'd like. Please bring this product back to market. I've been looking for Mystic Nails in every drug store and salon and specialty hair suppliers stores for years now. Please come back Mystic Nail.
BEST NAIL PRODUCT E-V-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Review By Tamara Morgan   09/27/2013 18:32
PLEASE bring this product back!!! (or find some old cases full.) It is the BEST nail product EVER!!!!! I have tried all sorts of things, and NOTHING ever comes remotely close. I liked Mystic Nails better than salon done nails!!!! Please please please PLEASE!!! Get this wonderful product back in production or help us find some somewhere!!!!!!
mystic nail polish  Review By Tynia   09/19/2013 13:59
My nails haven't been the same since they discontinued the beat nail polish ever. Please bring it back.
Please bring it back  Review By Lydia Canty   09/13/2013 23:24
Excellent product
Please bring it back!  Review By Steam2954   08/16/2013 04:42
This is the only product that helps my nails. It keeps them from splitting. I haven't been able to find anything else that helps. Please bring this product back.
Mystic Nails Harder  Review By T Molina   08/15/2013 20:29
Mystic nail harder is the best ever .. Please Bring it BACK !!!!!!!!!!
Best Product Ever  Review By Patricia Pesta   08/11/2013 18:27
please please please bring back...I started using it 20 yrs ago when my hairdresser recommended's the only thing that works....please
BRING BACK MY MYSTIC NAILS  Review By D   08/10/2013 10:22
I started using mystic nails in college 20 years ago. I've never been able to find a more suitable and affordable product. Nothing compares. It really works! My nails were long and strong all the time. I can't believe it's discontinued. PLEASE BRING BACK MYSTIC NAILS!!!!
Mystic Nails - The Best Ever  Review By Anita   08/07/2013 15:39
I have read all the post. I can't believe how many other people used this product and now it is no longer availabel. I never could grow nails until after using Mystic. I even had my sister using it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, get the word out that we want Mystic Nails BACK!!!
Customer  Review By Janice Seay   07/12/2013 08:02
Best ever - please bring this procuct back.
Bring back my nail hardener  Review By Allison   06/06/2013 00:28
This was the best nail hardener!!!!! I knew if I broke a nail it would be back in no more than two weeks! What happened? I know the company started on Staten Island and even tried to track down the business address, nothing! BRING IT BACK!!!
Mystic Nails  Review By Bernie   06/03/2013 23:05
Love this product but now can not find it anywhere. I too used to buy it at Rite Aid, but they do not have it anymore. I too ordered it from Beauty Orgins, but did not get the order or did not hear from Beauty Orgins. If anyone knows where I can get it please let me know. This was the best product.
MYSTIC NAILS NAIL HARDNER  Review By Vallery Robertson   05/24/2013 17:31
Please someone tell me where I find some, I've worn this for years and nothing else compares to this product. I used to buy it at RITE-AID moved to Oklahoma can't find it any where. So I looked on line found BeautyOrigins I ordered 4 bottles but did not get them they won't even answer my emails. SOOOOO SAD !!! Please someone Help ME ! Thank You, Vallery Robertson Miami , OKla
MYSTIC NAILS  Review By SUE   05/17/2013 15:08
where to buy  Review By valerie   04/22/2013 12:20
Can someone PLEASE tell me what happen to mystic nails !!! This was the best polish every. I use to buy it from rite aid, now I can't find it anywhere This was the BEST polish ever. Please help!!!!
Its about time  Review By candy   04/03/2013 08:48
yea! Found it! I've been looking for this for years and years please don't discontinue it. Thank you
looking for mystic nail hardner  Review By gina melville   03/25/2013 15:27
i moved to Florida about ten years ago. I always bought Mystic nail hardner because it was the best. I have been looking for it . I just found two new bottles i stuck away in a drawer. So i realized it was time to look on the web in search of this great product. I have so may nail hardner, but none worked or came close to this product
MYSTIC NAIL HARDENER  Review By Olla, Chattanooga, TN   03/23/2013 16:04
Please,Please bring back mystic nail hardener,been using since the 80"s nothing works like this product.
mystic nails hardener  Review By jacqueline Dorminey   03/07/2013 16:54
I've tried everything else and mystic nails hardener is the only thing that has ever worked for me Please bring it back.
Bring Mystic Nails Back!!  Review By Barbara G.   02/20/2013 23:47
Please bring Mystic Nails back... No other product does the job nearly as well. I have used this since 1986 and have always bought it by the case. Please let me know if you bring it back!
love  Review By karen klopfenstein   01/30/2013 07:35
apparently also dc'd from beauty origins. so so soooo sad. the best stuff ever--also used it for years. i could just cry without it. please makers of mystic nail whip us up a BIG BATCH!!!!!!!!
Mystic Nails  Review By Denise Mullins   01/03/2013 01:25
I have been using this product over 20 years I stumbled on it in a sidewalk sale in the town I live (Bergenfield, NJ.) in. Please can you start making it again!!!!!!!! It was by far the best product. Wasn't this the product that family members developed . I started using it in the 80"s and they did stop making it for awhile. I found it again back in stores in 2001. So if you could please start making it again. There is alot of people looking for this product. Thank-you Denise Mullins Bergenfield, NJ
mystic nails at  Review By karin   12/01/2012 21:51
I have been a fan of this product for years and years as well. Did you get your mystic nails in the mail yet?? I will have to check them out too and place an order. I need my mystic nails FIXX!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE Mystic Nail  Review By Sabrina   11/03/2012 21:15
I've been using Mystic Nail since 1980...its truly the only nail hardener that actually works. It helps keep your nails long and healthy. My manicure lasts sometimes 7-8 days, using a top coat every few days and keeps it looking new and shiney. Why in heavens name its been discontinued is beyond me. I found a store up in Washington Heights, NY and bought all he had. Ladies...I just found a store on the web that still carries Mystic Nail and I just ordered 12 bottles. Its 2.99 (6.99 s/h). I will do the "happy dance" when I receive my package.
Customer  Review By Zandra   10/08/2012 16:08
I love this product
Mystic Nails - nail hardener  Review By Pam   08/05/2012 12:17
I relocated to Arizona and can't find Mystic Nails nail hardener, where can I find it? It's amazing and my nails were great!
I Heart Mystic  Review By QiwiNYC   07/25/2012 12:38
I live in Brooklyn and have been using Mystic Nails for over 10 years. This stuff was the ONLY cure for my weak nails! I'm broken hearted it has been discontinued. I have searched for it @ every liquidator I could find & even wrote the manufacturer in Long Island but I can not find it. I researched & hopefully I found a replacement. If it works just as well as Mystic nails, I will be stocking up because daby has been out for over 20 years! Who knows if they will discontinue it soon!
Mystic Nails Hardner  Review By Kathleen   07/13/2012 18:18 more MYSTIC? I have lovely nails after using this product for years and years. Is the Staten Island co out of business?
I am really will be missing Mystic Nails Hardener  Review By Rosa Abdullah   06/20/2012 10:21
I have been using Mystic Nails Hardener for more than 10 years, I am looking in all pharmacy, including Duane Read, which is were I used to buy it. Today I found out that Mystic is discontinue, I am so sorry to hear that my favorite nail hardener is no longer exist. Mystic really do the job of hardening the nails.
where can i buy mystic nails  Review By Maureen   12/19/2011 00:34
I love mystic nails. I had been using it for over 20 years. I moved to Colorado from New York and can't find it anywhere. Where can I find some????
Mystic nails  Review By Lynette C.   12/06/2011 21:21
This stuff was the best nail hardener! My nails grew like crazy,I justr emailed the company!!
I miss Mystic Nails !!!  Review By Pam   11/19/2011 19:38
Where did Mystic Nails go ????

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